Want an ARC of Necessity’s Child?

From Sharon, Noon EST, Wednesday, November 28, 2012:  The contest is now closed.  The last eligible reply is from Sunbee19.  Winner will be announced on Friday, November 30, 2012.

Thank you all for playing!


This is a contest for those among us who are patiently waiting for the February publication of Necessity’s Child (the book formerly known as George)*

Several A(dvance) R(eading) C(opies) of this fine Liaden novel arrived at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory earlier this week.  So we’re doing a giveaway.


If you want an ARC of Necessity’s Child, all you have to do is tell me why.  Whoever has the best reason, in my sole judgment, will win the ARC.

In order to make it easy on me, I’m only going to accept reasons that are posted in answer to this post on sharonleewriter.com.  LJ and/or FB answers will not count.  The Blog With No Name at sharonleewriter is a moderated blog, so don’t worry if your post doesn’t show up immediately; it may take up to a couple hours to be cleared.

The contest will end at Noon, Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

I will make my determination no later than Friday, November 30 and will contact the winner for a snail address.

Everybody OK with the Rules?


I’m looking forward to reading your reasons.


*Promo copy for Necessity’s Child, for those who need their memory refreshed:

The kompani sees none as enemy, and few as friend. It exists in many places, living quietly in the shadows, thriving off the bounty that others have no wit to secure, nor skill to defend. Their private history is unwritten; their recall rooted in dance and dream.

Clan Korval is wealthy in enemies; fortunate in friends. They protect themselves with vigor, and have taught even their youngest children the arts of war. They arrive on the planet Surebleak, where the kompani has lived secret and aloof, borne, it seems, by the very winds of change.

Change is often a boon to the kompani, for in change lies opportunity. But the arrival of Clan Korval, upon the planet Surebleak, with its friends, its enemies, and, most of all, its plans may bring catastrophe, changing the world’s culture, and the kompani, forever.

In this time of change, the lives of three people intersect — Kezzi, apprentice to the kompani’s grandmother; Syl Vor, Clan Korval’s youngest warrior; and Rys, a man without a world, or a past.

A new, standalone novel in the popular Liaden Universe® Series


40 thoughts on “Want an ARC of Necessity’s Child?”

  1. Your books keep me sane and grounded. I LOVE your universe and people. Hey! I live in Syracuse, NY. I’d do fine on Suebleak!

  2. Because I’m greedy and impatient! I should be content to wait for the actual release date in February, and then buy the final version from Baen (and I will, it’s in my diary).

    Alternatively, I should be willing to read the first half now http://www.baenebooks.com/p-1762-necessitys-child.aspx, and wait until February for the second half, but, I’m greedy and impatient!

  3. Let’s see, I try to be a good book person. I love my books and do not dog ear them. I don’t steal books and always pay authors for their work. I recommend your books whenever I get a chance. I have a slew of your titles but not all of them because I’m on a lean budget due to a divorce I didn’t want. I rescue cats. I rescue books and give them good homes. I would give this ARC a good home and love it bunches and bunches and some day when I have money I would buy a second copy so I could lend out a copy to others (I have the paperback books for that purpose). I’m absolutely in love with Liad© which is why I’m rambling.

  4. I wish I could say that you’d be introducing a new reader to the wonders of the Liaden universe, but frankly, I’m a Liaden addict. Actually, I’m a Lee&Miller addict, having bought pretty much everything you’ve written, much of it signed. I still have battered ’80s paperbacks of Agent of Change, Carpe Diem and Conflict of Honors, as well as all the chapbooks. I contributed to the serial bowl, and was a beta reader for “Double Vision”.

    Won’t you be my enabler? 😀

  5. I would love an ARC as it would be more personal than a general copy, and I want you to know that I faithfully read the Eagles… blog every day and am paying attention. I already have the book on order, so I will get it eventually anyway.
    Best wishes,

  6. Another who has copies of the original printings of the first three books, and pushing them at others. I must move between now and the end of December, amid starting a new job (yay for new job!) and must pare my library down before then, by possibly as much as 500 volumes. My Lee & Miller are not even being considered for the “sell or donate” selection.
    I’m active on another couple of authors’ boards, and can drop tantalizing hints in the “what are you reading” and “Other authors, K-P” areas between now and February to tempt more purchases. (shameless commercial plug concludes. 😉 )

  7. Because I’m a fantastic person and deserve to be rewarded with a fantastic book?
    No, I guess that won’t work because you don’t know me from Adam (George? Georgia? Whatever.) 😉

    Anyway, I’ll just jump at this chance to tell you I love the Liaden universe. Keep those books coming!

  8. I would love a chance at the new book— and if I were to get the ARC I could go ahead and wrangle it!!!!! How’s that for killing two birds with a single stone?

  9. Well, I could have said something cute like how I tried to play “rulemma” in Words With Friends (true story) but instead I will just say that Skitters (one of my feline companions) has been nagging me about new Liaden reading material and this would help get his claws out of me and the two of us in reading mode (bed pillows, comforter, beverage, etc.).

    I shop local when possible. Uncle Hugo’s is a tad far for me but I do have the autographed copy on order from them as well as a regular from my local indie bookstore.

    And I could also take an eARC for my train trip to Tucson in February….

  10. Well, even if I get the ARC, I’ll still buy it from Baen.

    But… Let me play on the sympathy angle — it’s been just seven long days since a moderate surgery and I’ve re-read all of my Liaden collection. And I’ve got to get my incision dressing changed today, too. But I will prevail since my heart is pure and you’ll kindly send me the ARC to while away the hours. Peace and blessings.

  11. It’s funny how waiting always seems to take forever. In many ways, it’s good that we lose perspective on things like that and the pain fades into the past. I’m glad that we haven’t needed to wait several years for a new book this time, but somehow, that doesn’t lessen my impatience.

  12. I really want an ARC of Necessity’s Child because not only am I an avid Bibliophile of 47 years (I learned to read when I was 4, so yes, that means I am 51) but my 52nd birthday is coming up on 12/12/12, and if the Mayans have it aright, I will only have a week to be 52 and still read the latest Liaden Universe novel before the world comes to an end! Horrors!
    I would also be more than happy to post a review of Necessity’s Child on my book blog, Butterfly Books,and, as I am a frequent reader at most of the bookstores in the areas surrounding Seattle, I would also be happy to tell my local booksellers that they NEED to stock this book! And I would cherish the book, along with my other Liaden books, and not loan them out, as I often do my other books, because books like yours get stolen, never to return!(Yes, they are that good!) So pretty please, with a cherry on top, may I have an ARC, kind lady?!

  13. I should get one because I am totally pathetic at this time of my life. I am disabled to begin with, but, at the end of June I broke my leg. Usually that is not a problem for most people, but I rebroke the leg somehow, including bending the plate and pins they put in to stabilize it. Oh, and somehow the tibia got moved over about an inch and a half. So I am not supposed to be walking on it. That mostly happens. So I am sitting in my house, in a wheelchair, waiting for the doctor to order the new surgery to fix the mess. And after I have said surgery, I will have to go into a rehab, read nursing home, for 4 to 8 weeks. But I am totally bored and would love to be able to read you newest book that I have already preordered on amazon in hard cover.
    So please brighten up this totally pathetic, and true, time of my life by awarding me this WONDERFUL prize! 😉

  14. I have not yet bought it as I am on a new book hiatus until I am no longer unemployed. I have all of your books. I love them. I write reviews. I give them to friends. Now this sounds a little pathetic as I reread it. I had a second interview for a really great job so I have my fingers crossed that I will soon have more money to spend on books.

  15. I don’t need or want the ARC of Necessity’s Child, I got the eARC from Baen. I just wanted to drop in and say how very much I enjoyed it.

  16. I’m not sure I have a terribly unique reason, other than that I love the Liaden books! I discovered them in college and they’ve gotten me through everything from menstrual cramps to boyfriend drama to severe depression. They’re like comfort food, only better. And I tend to snatch up multiple copies of the books whenever I find them because when I loan them out they sometimes take years to come back…and I can’t be without them that long!

    Regardless, I’ll be buying a copy of Necessity’s Child. Mostly I just wanted you to know how much I love the Liaden Universe books 🙂

  17. I would greatly appreciate an ARC. My reasons are simple:

    I’m a lifelong fan.

    I’m poor. I’m on SSI (disability) due to grand mal epilepsy, psychomotor epilepsy, and migraines — all exasperated by stress. Though I did not admit it while applying for SSI, I also suffer from depression. I need to plan major purchases such as books months in advance. (Yes, hardbacks are a major purchase.) I usually cannot buy the books I need and lust after during the first few months after their publication.

    Lee & Miller books are a medical necessity. Lee & Miller books are one of the ways I successfully cope with depression. Alas, my Medical Plan does not recognize Lee & Miller books as an Approved Treatment. I would be blessed to have a NEW Lee & Miller book to read when I am depressed. (I’m about due for an episode.)

    My older brother loaned me a hardback book (Hardy Boys # 19: The Disappearing Floor) when I was seven (in 1957). I discovered Tom Swift, Rick Brant, and the science fiction section of the public library shortly thereafter. I have been addicted to books ever since. It’s not as bad as heroin (one can re-read books) … but it takes up so much more space.

    I would appreciate an ARC. Blessed be.

  18. Because I have managed somehow to lose one disc each out of TWO library CD audiobook sets, so they want me to pay for the whole books. And while I owe that much, I can’t check out any more books. And I am out of crack … er … books … and I NEED some more stash. Please help! (And because I have them all from the first Del Rey paperbacks to Dragon Ship and there’s a hole on the shelf waiting to be filled NOW.)

    [But really, it’s pretty much impossible to beat KatieKat’s very first comment.]

  19. Entranzia volecta, Prena’ma,
    I sit humbly at your feet, and beseech your goodness and kindness in the hope of gaining the boon of the treasure of an ARC of Necessity’s Child. It’s value will be vaunted above all others, a place of high honour will be its own. The ARC with only be taken down, quite often, I must add, to be cherished as I read these longed for words. To say I will be the envy of a world is nothing but an understatement. I await your decision with bated breath.
    Palesci modassa.

  20. I would like to win a copy of Necessity’s Child because (a) if your names are on a book, I know I’ll enjoy it. (b) I’m seriously jonesing for more Liaden stories. Seriously. (c) the number of books in my “to be read” pile is so alarmingly low I can count them on one hand. (d) all of the above.

  21. I’ve been fascinated with “George” ever since reading about the typewriter that died while finishing your early works.
    Not a sufficient reason, especially without referencing the source, but I had to get an entry in here.
    So I’m eagerly awaiting the publication date.
    Thanks for all your books.

  22. I would love an ARC copy of Necessity’s Child. The Liaden universe feels like a place I would love to live. The courtesy and customs have such a compelling feel that’s. I wish such bows existed in our world. I have very much enjoyed all the previous books. I, Dare is my favorite, although it is hard to choose. I treasure my books and consider myself a bibliophile as well as a bookaholic. Also my 50th birthday is this week and I could use such I nice boost. Please pick me.

  23. I already have it, I got the eARC from baenebooks the MOMENT IT WAS AVAILABLE. Then I ignored my family, including the toddlers (but Mommy, we’re HUNRGY!) and the cats (but Mommy, we’re HUNGRY!) and the husband (when do *I* get to read it? Hey you guys leave Mommy alone so I can get my turn!) to gobble it all up. And then I re-read it for the satisfaction.

    So I don’t need it.

    But I thought it was wonderful, and I will buy it in hardback AND softcover when I can, and I shall share it, yes!

    But you guys, who don’t yet have it? Post your reasons, and make them good ones, because you are gonna LOVE it!

  24. I think you should give me an ARC of Necessities Child for the pleasure of doing something naughty.

    If you sent it to me I will be up reading it until late in the night and that will make me sleep deprived the next morning. My supervisors don’t understand the proper relationship between a reader and a novel. So they don’t think that that a new Lee & Miller book is a good reason for poor performance. Still, being in trouble will be worth it for properly enjoying on of your books.


  25. Oh, I vote for a copy to go to Kat Brown! And Myriad too…and then KatieKat was cute…
    So how many copies do you have? If you still have some left, I’d really appreciate a print copy ARC, since I don’t have an e-reader and already spend TOO MUCH TIME

  26. Whoops, fumble finger strikes again. To continue, I already spend too much time at my computer to read a full book there. So after a quick reading I’ll send it off to my sister to lure her into reading the whole series. (I’ll wait till my already ordered February HB arrives for a re-read.)

  27. I would love an ARC of Necessity’s Child because here in faraway LoonieLand [aka Arizona], I need the tightly-written adventures of Korval to remind me that there are worse fates than enduring yet another legislative session rife with secession bills, resolutions asking for the “truth” behind Pres. Obama’s birth certificate, formulating even more restrictions on women’s rights, declarations that the Earth is 6,000 years old, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Plus which, I’m such an ardent fan that I made visiting the old The Stars Our Destination bookstore in Evanston a priority during one trip to Chicago. I recall telling my fellow conventioneers that instead of partying, I was taking the Ell to Evanston, there to locate Alice’s store and look for copies of Liaden Universe books [they were my first]. Some of them marveled at my ability to ferret out these hard-to-find books, others professed worry at my safety. “Heck, I’m headed to Evanston, what can happen besides being beaned by a ball crashing through the window at Wrigley Park?” I said. I cherished those books and carried them off to Phoenix reading all the way home. Ever since, I’ve been a regular visitor to Korval. So please, please, let me have the ARC! I need some sanity in the midst of what Heinlein termed the “crazy years” in Crazy Central.

  28. I will totally buy the actual paper book because I like the feel of paper and the feel of each book, but would totally love a free copy: I’m posted in Kenya and things take a long time to arrive by post and book stores are dreadful here.

  29. I would sneak bits of reading it in between reading Josh’s (the 21 month old) favorites.

    I would ponder it’s ramifications while caring for Josh and the cats.

    I would enjoy the respite of talking about it with my husband (I’d share it with him).

    I’d share it with friends. My bus buddy, and then family friends. I used to get the Liaden books for Kris’s mom, but she passed away in the past year. I suspect that Kris, and her husband were also reading them, and I bet they’d enjoy it.

  30. I would give the ARC to my mom, who introduced me to the Liaden Universe a couple years ago and has bought all the books in both print and eBook and audio. You were the writers she was most excited about meeting when she went to Boskone for the first time last year. While I’m sure that she will buy Necessity’s Child when it comes out, being able to give her the ARC would be the most fabulous gift.

    I would also benefit, not going to lie (Most of the sci-fi books I read have been borrowed from my mom, who has excellent taste in books. She read me Lord of the Rings when I was 4 as a bedtime story because she likes it so much.), but it really would be lovely to give Necessity’s Child to my mom. And she would get to read it first, of course.

  31. I deserve an ARC of Necessity’s Child because I am the only person to ever post a photo to the fb site. This was a particularly humorous photo that had a cat and the title of a Liaden Universe novel. The only thing that I would prefer, to being chosen to receive the ARC, is a permanent post aboard the Dutiful Passage.

  32. In all fairness, I think Ox Brown or Linda Pierce has a more compelling reason than mine, but that decision is yours and you asked for why *I* want a copy.

    As tertiary reason, my mother is reviewing books for her local library and I could send her this copy to review and get a whole mess of people hooked on the Liaden Universe. I won’t send her any of my copies as I am not willing to risk loaning them to anyone. Anne was right – only loan the backup set to your comfort books and I only have one set.

    At the moment, I am not working at a job, so money is very tight. Whenever I receive any new Liaden work, I read it through 2, sometimes 3 times just to notice all the tie ins and be sure I didn’t miss any connections. If you send me a copy, I promise to buy a new copy as I have funds available. As much as I would like the ARC, I would prefer to also have the final version. Also, I won’t feel as bad catching typos in the ARC as I do in the hardback versions.

    When I am depressed or otherwise out of sorts with the world, I dive into re-reading Liaden Universe stories and I slowly come back to my sense of self, of how the world ought to work and have tears for the connections between characters. I very rarely re-read books, but I have gone through this series more times than I can keep track of.

    I just made some edits to the new Wiki, mostly because there were corrections and expansions I could easily do and I would be slightly nuts if those pages were left as is.

    In short, my world would be a better place (“my comfort should count for something” is the way Jen Sar put it) and I will interact with the world from a truer sense of self once I get the latest fix.

  33. I have a copy of the final book pre-ordered and I have a copy of the E-arc I got from Baen. No way could I wait so long to read George. It seems like years already that I have been waiting.

    The ARC would be really handy for loaning to my granddaughter to read. She is 11 and just starting to really get into reading and I am sure she would love this book since many of the main characters are young people. It might be just the book to get her hooked on Liad.

  34. From way back in the depths of time when I first heard of this project I have been looking forward to reading the story. Do you remember the poem I made that was based on Monday’s Child?
    Luck’s child is fair of face,
    Love’s child is full of grace,
    Calamity’s child is full of woe,
    Necessity’s child has far to go
    Comfort’s child is loving and giving,
    Fortune’s child works hard for a living

    I will purchase this book if I do not win and look forward to having you and Steve sign it at Boskone.
    Bright Blessings on you and Wind to Thy Wings.

  35. I’m one more owner of the 3-book Del Rey set.

    I would ask for the ARC of Necessity’s Child because necessity exists that I read it; you will of course decide your necessity of placing those copies in the right homes.

    Thanks for the stories!

  36. I would like to have the ARC, but I can’t say that my reasons are as good as others, however: I am one of four adult readers in the household. Dad introduced me to Science Fiction and Fantasy (I was 14 and had chicken pox) via Anne McCaffrey many years back. He’s retired now and could always use a good read. Mom’s another bookworm, tends more towards mysteries, but will give most anything a chance. She liked Asimov’s robot mysteries, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and is currently rereading Harry Potter. My husband will read anything good, not genre particular at all. So we have four adults who would read it. Then we have five children: the ten and eight year old, both boys, are very good readers for their ages and we constantly butt heads over “You can’t read this because the subject matter is too mature.” This is what happens when those ages read fiction off the YA shelves and non-fiction off the adult shelves. Liaden books are safe books–in fact, ten-year-old read the first chapter of Agent of Change (I have a soft cover three-in-one) a couple years back, liked it, but found it too hard at the time. What’s not to like about a book that starts with an explosion and a spy? He much prefers books with at least one male point of view character, protagonist or antagonist and is plotting a book of his own. The eight-year-old is a more patient and flexible reader. Both quite like Fantasy, and the elder has met some science fiction he likes, they also like horror and real fairy tales (Brothers Grimm, not Disney–Disney is either “Ew” or “Boring” depending on which you ask). The younger three children will have to wait a few years yet.
    I am one of those who relies mostly on library books (my library only owns Carousel Tides and Fledgling, but they claim they’ll order the others when they can–and the person who has them out right now is not me and they are overdue), and money is tight–I agree with what Ox says about hardcover books being a major purchase, and around here shoes are usually more urgent. However, my library will eventually purchase the book, if I beg hard enough. I can wait. It sounds like others have it much harder than I do.

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