Hush, hush; keep it down now; voices carry

I have been away; driving up and down the world during a day so dim the air looked grey.  I have no idea why it wasn’t snowing.

I’ve ordered new glasses (ouch), picked up prescriptions at the drugstore,  tomorrow’s dinner from the Hannaford deli, and today’s lunch from Subway.  I did not get Binjali’s tires rotated, because Tire Warehouse was! a! zoo!  What’s that about, on the day before Thanksgiving?

Back home, packages had arrived — 2013 (!) calendars, a case of paper, and Agnes and the Hitman in mmp.

What I want to do now is take a nap.  What I will do now is pour myself a cup of coffee and get with the galleys.

What’re you doing today?


One thought on “Hush, hush; keep it down now; voices carry”

  1. Baking – vanilla bean cheesecake, brownies from scratch, cranberry/pecan bread and maybe a pumpkin pie, to take to a Gathering of 4 families and assorted friends who traditionally share Thanksgiving together.

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