Two men say they’re Jesus; one of them must be wrong

I just finished my true-up pass through the first 70,270 words of Carousel Sun.  It went a little slower than I had anticipated because of having to do things like make a plan of the carousel, so I knew which animals were near which other animals.  (OK, I think that tops my previous personal nitpicky best of having to work out all the shifts and who was on them, for Dutiful Passage’s run in Conflict of Honors.)

I also had to shift a chunk of stuff further down the story, smoosh two chapters together, and do the rest of the stuff that one does in order to make sure all the lines match up.

Still to be done:  finding the proper place for Jess to come by and talk to Kate about the meetin’, but I think that’s for tomorrow.  Because tonight, I am brain dead.

Anyhow — after that last bit is in place, the story will be on its downhill run; everything is forced,  and the pieces ought to snap right together.  She said optimistically.

This is good because I need to put the book aside for a few days, first for travel, and then to write a short story.  But, still, in line to deliver the book on time.

*knock wood*

I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable weekend, within the current, local definitions.



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