Knights in armor, bent on chivalry

So!  Steve and I spent Wedding Anniversary Number 32 in New Brunswick.  Our lodgings were directly on the Miramichi River, and quite pleasant.

It was low-profile anniversary, more relaxicon than worldcon.  We walked, we ate, we napped, we played Scrabble, we listened to music.  Excepting the music, provided by my Little Red Sansa Clip jacked into a speaker-thingy, we were electron-free.  That?  Was splendid.

Our Celebratory Dinner was, of course, salmon, which was to die for.  For dessert, Steve went with pumpkin pie; I had warm apple crisp with ice cream.  Oh, my.  It’s been years between apple crisps with ice cream. . .

We had been going to leave Miramichi yesterday and wander home via the river road,  by way of Bathurst, Dalhousie, and other Interesting Sites, staying a night on the road Downeast, if necessary.  That plan changed with the threat of a snowstorm coming up the river, as well as the nor’easter working its way up the USian East Coast.  We left very early in the brilliant morning, and drove home the way we’d gone in, via Route 8, the Way of the Fish*,  and beat the weather home.

The cats were pleased to see us, and participated in a viewing of David Niven’s Around the World in 80 Days, which was kind of the Pirates of the Caribbean of its day, in terms of Big Names wanting to play.  Sadly, it was woodenly acted, but, in balance, very pretty to look at.

This morning, it’s raining, having snowed and iced overnight. Hopefully, the lines will hold.

On the topic of  travel being broadening, I have been introduced to Miramichi traditional boiled mayonnaise, and donair sauce.  We stopped at Tim Horton’s on the road, for coffee and a snack, and I was pleased to have a tea biscuit.  For some reason, Tim’s in the US don’t offer tea biscuits; they claim that American’s don’t “understand” them.  And truthfully, I don’t claim to “understand” them, myself.  But they are good.

We came home to the information that Baen has scheduled the first of the two Liaden Universe® Constellations for a July 2013 release.  Rough art (note the error:  this is not a novel; it is a collection) here.

Today’s plans include running the cat-eating machine and outlining a short story.  Also need to clear off the Mencken Table, so we can finish signing the tip-in sheets for Necessity’s Child.

No, I don’t know how we stand the unremitting glamor, either.

I hope everyone had a relaxing few days, or, if not, can see a relaxing few days in your near future.


*The Scenic Roads in Canada (as in Maine, and in New Jersey, too) have graphics assigned to them, in order to make the route easier to find.  Highway 8, the River Route, has a purple fish as its icon.  Similarly, Route 11, the Valley Route, is the Way of the Fiddlehead.


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