The State of the To-Do List

Trying to get this all in one place…

1.  September 30:  Start reading A Night in the Lonesome October.  Do you know where your hellhound is?

2. October 4:  Triumphant return from Temp Headquarters

3.  Sign 1500 sheets of paper; mail to Baen no later than October 18

4.  October 30:  Essay due at BenBella

5.  November 6:  VOTE

6. December 10:  Short story due at Baen

7.  February 15:  Carousel Sun due at Baen

8.   May 15:  Carousel Sea due at Baen

9.  July 15:  First of Five (oh, isn’t that fortuitous?) due at Baen

…and, yanno, Life and stuff.

Well.  That ought to keep me off the streets, if not precisely out of trouble…


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