In which Carousel Sun breaks 50K. . .only, doesn’t

I may have mentioned before that I’m trying to hit a firm 2,000 words/day on Carousel Sun while I’m here at Temp Headquarters.  The goal is to take home at least 60,000 darn near finished words on this project and the notes for the next.  That’s the goal.

So, anyhow, yesterday I saw that if I wrote a smidge more than 3,000 words, I would break 50K on the project, and have Half a Book!  So I pushed, a little, and I broke the Big 50, and this morning I read what I had written, over coffee and oatmeal.

And of course, it’s the wrong 3,000 words.

Mind you, it’s a good 3,000 words and it delivers information that Kate will need, later.  But not here.  So, the chapter goes into the File of Holding and the manuscript meter gets set back to 47,000 words total.

The plan for as soon as I finish my coffee and find a sweatshirt, is to go for a walk, figure out what Really Happens Next, and sit down and Actually Write That.

Elsewhere on Teh Intertubes yesterday, I had a conversation with a young writer who felt that writers who walk away from their work when “it gets hard” are whiners and not taking their craft seriously.  Her point was that if you walked away every time a piece of dialogue wasn’t working out, you’d never get anything done.  Which — OK; I can see that.

However, taking a break, even walking away for hours, days, weeks does have its place in the process of writing.  Perhaps some writers can sit down at nine in the morning and hit the keys for six or eight hours straight, and produce sparkling copy.  Most writers I know. . .don’t do it that way.  As someone else in yesterday’s conversation commented, writers do most of their writing away from the keyboard.

So, my coffee’s done, and my sweatshirt’s right over there on the hook.

See y’all later; I’ll be out for a while, writing.


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