The Friday Report

So, the first thing I need to report is that I am much more dependent on bandwidth than I had supposed, living retired in the country, as I do.  An internet connection that isn’t quite fast enough for a Pandora feed was…something of a startlement.

The second thing I can report is that I like living in town, with various things in walking distance.  I also like living less than a block from the sea, but you probably figured out that part on your own.

I don’t like being catless, nor being Steveless, but those were also sorta givens.

I also wish that, along with the fine and very sharp paring knife that I brought with me, I’d brought one of the larger knives of the same ilk.  This blade in the kitchen drawer is an active menace to a woman trying to cut a bagel.  Honestly, it flexes.  *shakes head*

The writing part of the writing vacation has mostly been confined to a series of Realizations — one of them being that I started the story a week too early, so I had to go back and update the chapter headings and the places within the chapters where Kate talks about what the tide is doing.

Speaking of living where I can walk — over the last two days, I’ve walked 12 miles.  I expect a little less mileage today, since it is a Writing Day, but I’ll be down at Fun Country when it opens at 5 p.m. tonight, camera in hand.  I think it’s only open another weekend or three before it declares the Late Season finished. so sooner rather than later seems my best course.

So, the Friday report.  And how’s by you?

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