In which Rolanni is disappointed

As reported elsewhere, the amusement park is closed for the season.

Ah, well.

Yesterday, around 11 a.m., Every Motorcycle in Nearest New England hit town with a roar and a snarl, and behold! the town began to act as if it was summer.  Bars and restaurants that had been sealed up tight all week, were open, lights on, music pouring out of open windows, bikes and cars were doing the vanity cruise up and down the hill, and around the Fountain Circle.  Bathers appeared on the beach above the Pier, though not so much below.  The Pier threw the switch, and really bad, live, rock music wafted over the beach.

In other news, I clocked 3.5 miles yesterday, and 2,550 words, so that.

I see in the latest issue of the Courier, by the way, that the local animal rights folks are still trying to keep the Wormwood Cats in place.  The town appears to be allowing itself to be bullied by the man from Away, however, so still not sure how all that’s going to play out.  The rights folks do mention that:  working harbor + no cats = rats.  Perhaps the gentleman from Away has never seen a harbor rat.

I note that Moonrise Kingdom is not showing in any theater within the sound of my voice, which is kind of a shame.  I had wanted to see that. *makes note in Netflix*.  Sigh.  At this rate, I’m gonna have to take off two weeks to catch up all the movies in my queue.

Today’s activities include grocery shopping, minor housekeeping chores, a walk on the beach to see how that Surge Warning looks up close and personal (yes, I’ll be careful; I won’t go in the water; and I will be very, very respectful of waves), and more with the writing.

Hope everybody’s having a fun and/or relaxing weekend.


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