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Five at one blow

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are pleased to announce that they they have, through the offices of their agent, Jennifer Jackson of the Maass Agency, sold *five* Liaden Universe® novels to Toni Weisskopf, at Baen.  These five books will finish out the combined Theo Waitley/Agent of Change storylines.  Delivery dates (NOT publication dates) are from mid-2013 through mid-2016; titles are not yet known.

Regarding Signed Copies of Dragon Ship

There was error at the bindery which resulted in some signed sheets being bound into the wrong edition (by which we mean wrong-ISBN, since the signed and unsigned editions bear two distinct ISBNs) of Dragon Ship.  This has, as you may well imagine, Caused Some Problems.  The quickest to recover is Don Blyly, who, now in receipt of Simon and Schuster’s fix, is, after a hiatus of a day or two, continuing to ship pre-ordered books.  He lets us know that he has another 100/150 unspoken for signed editions, so if Amazon has given you a November ship date, or has cancelled your order —  contact Uncle Hugo

Regarding Signed Copies of Necessity’s Child, the Book Formerly Known as George

Uncle Hugo’s is now accepting pre-orders, here:

In light of the snafu with the Dragon Ship signed copies and the rapid professionalism with which Uncle Hugo’s dealt with the situation (in direct opposition to Amazon’s continuing lack of customer service), we strongly recommend that you consider pre-ordering a signed copy of Necessity’s Child from Uncle.

Liaden Audiobook Reminder

Fifteen Liaden novels (aka all of them), divided into four Sequences are now available from  For those who may wish to sample the material, or the narrator, or both, before purchase, Audible has generously provided a free hour sample of the first book in each of the four Sequences.  Handy links:  right here

Also, Steve and Sharon interviewed the narrators.  Those interviews are posted here,  and are another way to get to know the narrators.

P.S.  We have heard from Mr. Feldberg at Audible that he does intend to acquire audiobook rights to Necessity’s Child, publication date February 2013.

QR Codes to Use and Share

In lieu of a series of flyers, each aimed at a single particular book or series of releases we’ve created ashort term all purpose flyer  you can print out and take with you — or point to on the web — when you want to share information about current Liaden interest and Lee & Miller material. We’ve used the QR-codes an well as URLs in the flyer since so many people carry their phones at all times and can just “point and shoot”  from the flyer or even from your computer screen and from some tablets and phones as well. Ebooks, audiobooks, splinters .. all should be covered on on flyer.  If the QR code approach is popular we’ll work them into single flyers down the road.

New Splinter

There’s a new splinter/story bearing on the Archers Beach universe at Splinter Universe!  If you like the story, or the site, please consider hitting the Paypal button at the bottom of the page.

Publication Schedule

Necessity’s Child (the book formerly known as George), February 2013

 Watch the Skies

The eARC for Necessity’s Child will be available for download in the format of your choice from Baen Ebooks  “sometime around late October — mid-November.”
eArcs are “electronic advance reading copies.”   They are basically unedited, and as such will certainly contain errors of grammar and spelling, with the occasional continuity error.  They are offered by Baen, at a premium, price, for those readers who must know what happens next, NOW.

 Where in the World are Lee and Miller?

Boskone, February 15-17, 2013, Boston (

At this point, Steve and Sharon have no plans to attend either WorldCon nor DragonCon in 2013.

Blogs and Other Webly Things of Note

Theo_Waitley is the discussion group for readers of Fledgling and Saltation:
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Steve Miller’s blog, Journeyman:
Sharon Lee’s blog, Eagles over the Kennebec:
Sharon Lee’s “Professional” blog:
Splinter Universe Discussion List:
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Splinter Universe: http://www.splinteruniverse.comfeatures outtakes, splinters, and oddities from the Lee&Miller writing career, currently changes irregularly.

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  1. I note that while Barnes & Noble is offering a signed copy of _Necessity’s Child_, Amazon is not. B&N’s price is a LOT less than Uncle Hugo’s.


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