The Plan, as amended

I had been going to put the Green Folder up at Ebay tomorrow.  That may still happen, but isn’t the way the Smart Money bets, given the sudden infusion of an insurance adjuster and an interview into the works.  Thursday morning, for sure.  Watch this space for details and pointers.

From another corner of the internet comes news of The Geek Girl Project, which by itself is a very cool thing.  But even cooler, is that they’ve reviewed a Lee and Miller novel as a “Book for Writers.”

This amuses me on several levels.  For one thing, we had many years ago been told to fear for our career, because we were “writers writers,” and such always starved.  It’s nice to see this coming around again on the guitar, and without the starving part.

The second amusing thing is?  That the book under review is Agent of Change.

From yet another corner of the internet, we have confirmation from that they will be offering free listening samples of the first book in all four Sequences.  It’s not live yet, but you’ll want this page right around September 4.

And that, I believe, is all the news that’s fit to print.

Everybody have a good evening.

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