Signal Boost and a Question

Signal boost first.

Emma Bull, author of one of my favorite books ever, War for the Oaks, and many other fine novels, is preparing for surgery on her thyroid.  Steve Brust, author of the Vlad Taltos novels, among other fine work, is about to go into the hospital to have a defibrilator installed.

Scott Lynch has the details, and he’s being pro-active in fundraising.  Go here; read all about it.  Please do what you can.


* * *

The Question has to do with interest in a potential auction item.  I have here in my hand, having ferreted it out of the file cabinet, a green expanding file with a Laurel Burch sticky note slapped to the front.  On the sticky note in my hand is:  “notes — mouse & dragon.”

The material in this folder is unique.  Those who were following along for the writing of Mouse and Dragon will recall my saying that this was a book that wanted to be written out by hand first.  There’s more than a legal pad of handwritten notes in this file.  There are typed out notes by chapter, and by concept. There is a draft manuscript, the original pitch document, chapters that took wrong turns, and several sheets of brightly colored paper.  No, I don’t know why.

If there is any interest in this this one of a kind collection of papers, I’ll put it up on eBay.  If there’s no interest, I’ll stick it back in the file cabinet until things get tight, and then (as I have in the past with similar items) throw it away.

Let me know, ‘k?

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