Liaden Universe® InfoDump Number 96

We’ll be doing this InfoDump in expiration date order.

Free Liaden Story Coming to Baen Front Page!
“Landed Alien,” will be published to the Baen front page on Wednesday, August 15 (that’s next Wednesday!), and will be free, free, free! for the reading. You will have to scroll down “below the fold” to see the beginning of the story.

One-of-a-kind Author Notes on Auction at eBay, Now!
The Green Folder containing the working notes, many handwritten, for the Lee and Miller Mouse and Dragon is up for auction! Sharon was lead writer for Mouse…and all of the handwritten notes are in her hand. Those interested may go here for more details. The auction ends on August 16, at 2:26 p.m. PDT. That is! Pacific Daylight Time.

Audible: 15 Liaden Novels at One Blow and Goodies, too!
In celebration of one of the largest single author, single day releases in audiobook history (is that cool or what?) Audible will be giving away free listening samples of the first book in all four Sequences, those being:

The Books of Before (Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Balance of Trade), Kevin Collins, narrator

The Space Regencies (Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Mouse and Dragon), Bernadette Dunne

The Agent of Change Sequence (Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Plan B, I Dare), Andy Caploe

The Theo Waitley Sequence (Fledgling, Saltation, Ghost Ship, Dragon Ship), Eileen Stevens

It’s not live yet, but you’ll want this page right around September 4.

But, wait, there’s more!
Dragon Ship’s Official Book Day — aka, the day that the hardcover novel is Officially Released — is ALSO September 4. Are you guys gonna be busy or what?

Going One Month Back in Time. . .
The mass market of Ghost Ship is now available at a bookstore near you.

Aaaaand, Back to the Present
Two new eChapbooks, both writing-related, have gone up on Pinbeam books.

The first, “Reflections on Tinsori Light,” includes a foreword by Sharon Lee, the complete short story, “The Space at Tinsori Light,” and! the outline from which the story was built.

The second new book, “Writing Neep: Short Essays on the Writing Life,” by Sharon Lee, includes 15 essays collected from the author’s blog from 2006 through 2012.

Now, a Nature Note: Water is Wet
As some of you know, Sharon and Steve entertained a flood in their house on August 3; a feed line in the bathroom burst, filling the bathroom and the basement with plenty too much water.

What we want to say about that is? We’re fine. Yes, we were bummed that our plan to put all the good stuff on pallets overlooked the fact that water falls DOWN, too, but we got over that. We have homeowner’s insurance; it covers the cost of drying out everything that can be dried out. Yes, we have a deductible; yes, we lost some stuff; yes, sorting through is exhausting, but mostly what it is at this point? Is a headache. We really didn’t need this right now — We’re sure all of you know what we’re talking about, here. We’re doing the stuff that you do in the aftermath of your house flooding — coping with the adjustor, the flooring guy, and the plumber, and, hey, while we’re at it, the painter and the carpenter. It’s a mess, but — again, and truly: We’re fine.

Nobody needs to send us books, or big chunks of money, or computers, or — anything, really. It’s sweet that you care. If you feel you want to help in some way, well…the cats took some tragic losses — several favorite scratching posts were unrecoverable, as were some highly regarded blankets and cushions, and an extremely well-loved catnip mouse, and some cat-place towels, too. If you want to assist with things like that, OK, we appreciate the offers, and since the insurance payout will take a few days to make it through channels, we’ll accept small donations to srmATkorvalDOTcom — please no more than $10 or $12 per individual! We’ll make sure the cats are outfitted well, and we will tell them the name of their benefactor! Don’t expect a thank you note from them; they’re cats. Any overflow will go to the Waterville Homeless Shelter, which is our charity-of-choice.

Thank you all for your concern and care!

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