In which insanity takes EZ-Pass

In order of Excitement:

1.  The Green Folder, including all of the working notes for Liaden Universe® novel Mouse and Dragon is up for auction at eBay, current bid is $137.50 $152.50.  This is a one-of-a-kind item.  Go take a look — you know you want to…

2.  The insurance adjustor has been here; his report is due in the central claims office sometime around the middle of next week, after which the Claims Supervisor will call me and let us know what we’re looking at in terms of damages, and compensation for same.  Also?  He left his tape measure — really nice tape measure — which I’ll be putting into the mail to him tomorrow.

3.  The painter was here this morning, and has delivered herself of a quote.  She can do the job, she thinks, at the end of next week.

4.  The floor guy came out and measured; we picked out the new floor and he gave us a quote.  Sadly, he cannot schedule work, because what he does depends on the plumber, who. . .

5.  Will be sending somebody out to Survey the Situation on Monday morning.

6. I think I may be running on the bleeding stubs of my nerves at this point.  I’ve been doodling around at mindless stuff — making piles of stuff to take with me to Archers Beach next month (in three! weeks!).  I called my landlord and found out what my snail address will be, since it looks like it’s going to be necessary to receive mail there.

7.  In the Midst of Everything, yesterday brought the UPS guy, who brought a big box of Ghost Ship mmps. What a pretty book!

8.  In about 40 minutes, I’ll call Studio C and finish my interrupted interview with Andy Caploe.  Neil (who is, indeed, Neil) says he’ll be able to patch the two parts together, and no one will ever know that there was a week-long break.  Hmmm…  Contest? Spot the patch and win — I wonder what we can give away?  Not an audiobook, I suspect, and not a coon cat. . .

Will have to think.  In the meantime, I need to decide which stuffy to take with me to the ocean.


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