Weird Word Project — Update

You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you?

Here’s where we stand, as of today, Sunday, May 6. Please check the lists below; if you have sent in your list and I haven’t included it in the “received” list, please drop me a note at rolanniATgmailDOTcom. Thanks!

I have received completed lists for the following novels:
Agent of Change, jessie_c
Saltation, micheledear
Scout’s Progress, sb_moof
Ghost Ship, Alon Ziv
Crystal Soldier, redpimpernel
Local Custom, eoma_p
Mouse and Dragon, eoma_p
Local Custom, Deborah Fishburn
Fledgling, marniferous
Carpe Diem, Deborah Fishburn

I have received a partial list for the following novel:
Crystal Dragon, capricchio

The following titles are in the hands of Wranglers:
Crystal Dragon (partial), capricchio
Conflict of Honors, silverdragonma
Balance of Trade, Elaine Bushore Fisher
Plan B, Jennifer Briggs
Dragon Ship, Alon Ziv
I Dare, spiritdance

I have emailed the editor of the audio editions, asking if he has deadlines, and which words lists he would prefer to have first.  Still waiting for a reply.

Thank you!

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