Steve and Sharon’s ConQuesT Schedule

Herewith the triangulated preliminary schedule. Subject to change, please check the convention’s on-site material to verify day, time, panelists, room &c, &c.


2-3 pm — Fantasy before Fantasy, SF before SF – The Odyssey, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Frankenstein, Gulliver’s Travels, and Journey to the West. A look at classic works of world literature that, while not written as science fiction and fantasy, have been co-opted in the 20th and 21st centuries by speculative fiction readers and used as inspiration by the writers. Benton B
James Hollaman, Susan Satterfield, Dennis Young, Steve Miller, Issac Bell

7 pm – Opening Ceremonies

8 pm – Meet the Authors & Artists Reception


10-11 am — Anne McCaffrey Memorial Panel — Discuss the life and work of one of the most award winning and influential female Scifi writers of all time. Benton B
Steve Miller, Sharon Lee, James Hollaman, Zo Leavy, Kat Donovan, Bev Hale

11 am-noon — The Good, The Bad, and the Fixable Genre writing workshops have proliferated in the last decade or so and now range from con-based three hour mini-courses to six week long marathons. Are writing workshops worthwhile for everyone? What are the warning signs you should not be a workshopper? What joys and discoveries have the panelist had for themselves or for others they’ve workshopped with? Fremont
Steve Miller, Shauna Roberts, Chris McKitterick, Lynette Burrows, Steven Gould

12-1 pm — The road to publishing — A talk with Publishers, Editors, and Authors who discuss the road to publishing along with the dead ends and potholes you might come across. Benton B
Sherry Foley, Eric Reynolds, Robert Collins, Sharon Lee, Shannon Butcher

1-2 pm – Guests of Honor session

3-4 pm – The Great Book Signing Event

5-6 pm — The Campbell Conference — Some authors are ditching the print industry all together and making a nice living off of the self publishing and novella trade for ebook. We’ll talk about the different writing styles of the two markets and why one might be more for you than another. Atlanta Ballroom
Brent Bowen, Sharon Lee, Dennis Young, David Pedersen, Steven Gould, Ursula Vernon


Noon-1 pm — How hard should science fiction be? Truth told, a lot of science ficiton isn’t scientific at all, but utilizes handwavium (or Timonioum and Nonobtainium) to get the story in gear and make it run. Is today’s science fiction letting the world down? Should the writer do the math so the reader doesn’t have to? Are books that are “too sciencey” chasing readers to fantasy or online games? Freemont
Ross Hathaway, Steve Miller, Rob Chilson, Lynette Burrows

3-4 pm — PR Kicking ass in high heels: These days women can kick ass, save the world, and still have time to fall in love. But why are they still doing it in hotpants and high heels? Can heroines be a size 18 and still be beautiful? Benton B
Deb Sturgess, Cleo Hathaway, Karin Gastreich, Bev Hale, Sharon Lee

5 pm – Closing Ceremonies

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