Dream if you can a courtyard; an ocean of violets in bloom

When last we saw our brilliant, crime-fighting duo, they were on their way to get clocked.

I can report that the clock has been repaired and is home.  Sadly, we hung a picture the place the clock occupied for the last 12 years, and are now having a hard time identifying an appropriate expanse of wall for it to grace with its presence.

Shoulda thought of that.

In other news, I’ve finished proofing the galleys for Ghost Ship.  Given everything else (specifically, given that I had it firmly in my head that we were leaving on Thursday for Kansas City, when in truth, we must leave on Wednesday), I’m probably not going to finish “Emancipated Child” before we get on the road.  Sigh.  Yo!  Universe!  Adhere to my schedule, please.

Yeah, that’s gonna work. . .

We have gotten our preliminary schedule for ConQuest, which is why we’re traveling to Kansas City on Wednesday, because if we leave on Thursday, we miss the first day of the con. Below, is more or less where we’ll be when, and doing what.  As always, preliminary information is subject to change.

. . .which it’s going to have to do, because I see that I’m scheduled to be on a panel at the same time Steve and I are supposed to do our Guests of Honor gig, on Saturday afternoon, so I’ll reveal our schedule. . . tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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