Weird Word Project


I have in hand (Well. In mailbox.) lists for:
Agent of Change — jessie_c
Saltation — micheledear
Ghost Ship — Alon Ziv

The following titles are in the hands of Wranglers:
Crystal Soldier — redpimpernel
Crystal Dragon — capricchio
Scout’s Progress — sb_moof
Fledgling — marniferous
Carpe Diem, Local Custom — Deborah Fishburn
Conflict of Honors — silverdragonma
Local Custom, Mouse and Dragon — eoma_p
Balance of Trade — Elaine Bushore Fisher
Plan B — Jennifer Briggs
Dragon Ship — Alon Ziv

Titles not yet assigned: I Dare
Wrangler without portfolio: Spiritdance

Obviously, Spiritdance and I Dare were meant for each other.

Books assigned twice: Local Custom

Folks who want more work to do: jessie_c, micheledear
If anyone needs to hand off their piece (life happens), we have hands waiting to help.

May I please have an aye! from you in comments if you have your list and are happily engaged with it?


2 thoughts on “Weird Word Project”

  1. Ginni, I’m so sorry. You fell off my list of lists. Next time, I’ll know better than to spread a call for volunteers over three venues. I really appreciate your willingness to help us out, but right now, all the books are assigned. I’ll put you on my the back-up list, in case one of the in-process projects falls through.

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