Twenty-first century’s yesterday

So, Saturday Steve and I went down to Old Orchard Beach, hoping to settle Point One of the Semi-Sekrit Project. Alas, the person on whom I had placed my best bet…is still in Florida. I did score his phone number from the on-site manager, so, not a total loss, but a bit disappointing, nonetheless.

We did stop at Michele’s for breakfast and to give them a copy of Carousel Tides. Michele came out of the kitchen (she never does this!) to give me a hug. We talked a little about the Semi-Sekrit Project, and she has some ideas, which she was going to check into and get back to me — which is beyond awesome.

We did a lot of exploring on the day — which was sunny and warm and just about perfect. Did you know there was an elk and deer farm in Scarborough? Neither did I. I made lots of notes about lots of things, of which more in a moment.

We had meant to have lunch in Saco and explore downtown on foot, but that failed to work out, so we kept on driving and eventually came to Whole Foods, where we decided to have our now-much-belated lunch from the buffet. That wasn’t a terrible notion, but it was so noisy and so crowded that I managed rather the worst panic attack I’ve had in years; this close to putting everything down and running out the door. Deep breaths and a grim determination not to run won the day, which was, after all, for the best, ’cause, hey, lunch was good.

We decided not to shop afterwards, though.

Regarding taking notes, above, I had Cygnus with me, naturally, and had started making notes using the word processing program on-board. Unfortunately, this process is much, much slower than scribbling notes on a pad of paper (which I defaulted to, Steve having brilliantly brought a pad of paper with him). I know there are handwriting applications for Android devices — anybody have a favorite one they can recommend?

And? I want to live here.

Oh! It was discovered yesterday that Socks’ has acquired a new title — all of our cats accrete titles over time — his first in Maine: Silversocks, Overseer of the Daffodils.

Some have asked how the daffodils are doing under this new and benevolent oversight. The answer is: Since Socks is an inside-only cat, his oversight is — oversight. He has, in fact, adopted as his own the window that looks out over the daffodil patch. The daffodils appear to be prospering, since we have several dozen that look like they’ll explode into bloom this afternoon — some weeks ahead of their usual schedule.

We’re looking forward to a fun-filled week ahead of us here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory. I intend to finish up the SRM end of year financials today, and move on, tomorrow, to compiling the 310,000+ words of Liaden short stories into two volumes to be sent to Baen. That should keep me occupied for a couple days.

We’re also expecting some Interesting Deliveries; Mozart is on-board to get his Summer Haircut; and I’m determined, starting tomorrow, to get back into both the bread-baking, and the gym-going schedule. No, I don’t know how we stand the excitement; just naturally high-energy, I guess.

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  1. “Oh! It was discovered yesterday that Socks’ has acquired a new title — all of our cats accrete titles over time — his first in Maine: Silversocks, Overseer of the Daffodils.”

    Are they related to the Clutch Turtles?


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