Weird Word List: Known Volunteers, First Task

We have the following folks volunteering for Wrangler*:
Ginni Morgan
Deborah Fishburn
sb_moof (provisionally)
Kat Ayers Mannix
redpimpernel (on stand-by)
*Job description, Wrangler: Accept the list of words for a book, delete any misspelled words that may have snuck through as Weird, be sure that first and last names are paired, and properly, submit the list in a form agreed-upon, to S. Lee by a deadline known in advance to all parties

We seem to have at least two folks who have done most of the needful:

Zola and Capprichio have also volunteered their skills, but I think the software solution lets them off the hook. This time, she added, warningly.

The first thing we need to know is what resources are at hand. Both John and Elizabeth have lists, or will have lists? Can I ask the two of you to talk and sort out who has what, and split up any remaining sorting work between you?

While the Automagicians converse, may I hear from the Wranglers which book(s) they would like to Wrangle? We have (potentially) seven Wranglers and at least 8, and possibly 10, titles to sort. I feel that the Crystal books will be among those titles, and they do, I think, present a special challenge. Capprichio, is it possible that you could step up as Wrangler for those, rather than Harvester?

I will be away from the computer tomorrow, Saturday, but ought to be back on Sunday.

Once again, thank you all.

4 thoughts on “Weird Word List: Known Volunteers, First Task”

  1. Is it too late to volunteer for wrangler? I have two small children, but could fairly easily commit to a couple of hours a night (now that they are on a fairly regular sleep schedule!) We don’t need to have this done by next week or anything, do we? I have everything in hard copy, some in duplicate, and I think ALL of the eVersions.

    I would LOVE to help. Also this would give me a little break from all the knitting I’m doing at night after the kids go to bed. 

    Please say yes!

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