There are no transformations; there are only Disappears and Appears

Today, April 12, 2012, is Silversocks’ sixth birthday.  He’s celebrating by sleeping in all of Mozart’s favorite spots.

* * *

Yesterday became a run-around the countryside day, which, ohghod, we needed so much.  I did get the annual mammogram (did you get yours?), and Mr. Smith graciously did a Full Vehicle Alignment on Binjali.  We went to Sam’s Club and took on supplies.  Previous to that, we went to Staples and I bought a Targus stylus, which makes navigating the web with Cygnus very much easier.  Yes.  Yes, we are Wild and Crazy, I admit it.

* * *

I made an error in the to-do list, the stories for the upcoming Liaden Universe® short story collects are due in May 2012 (that’s next month!) and August 2012 (that’s, umm, soon!)  Good thing I was thinking about getting to them early, huh?

* * *

It looks like the live-on-location scheme has a chance of coming to pass.  Step One, which ought to have been, yanno, Step Four or Five, has already been accomplished, because that’s how we roll. We don’t call this place the Confusion Factory for nothin’, you know.

We’ll be moving on Step Two, which ought to have been Step One, on Saturday, looks like.  Fingers crossed, fingers crossed…


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