To-Do List

1.  Prepare for talk at Rockland Library
2.  Talk at Rockland, Maine Public Library — April 5 (6:30 p.m.)
3.  Clean office, includes moving 2011 files to basement and opening 2012 files
4Dragon Ship revisions due at Baen — April 15
5.  Turn in novel proposals (3) to Madame the Editor — April 23
6.  Close SRM books for FY 2011 and Forever (due at accountant April 25)
7.  ConQuesT — May 25-27
8.  Word lists first two books — June 10 (approx)
9.  Interview at WERU Writers Forum with Joan Clemens & Ellie O’Leary, June 14, 10 a.m.
10.  Turn in short story to Baen — July 1
11.  Turn in Trade Secret — July 15
12.  Figure out the Liaden audible lexicon
13Feasibility study:  remodel bathroom
14. Pie in the Sky: Vacation — Septemberish

Note:  The above list does not include incoming tasks that will have to be adjusted for when they manifest, such as signing tip-in sheets or reading galleys.  Also not included, compiling stories for submission for short story collections; prep time, plotting, and writing of “Carousel” books under contract. Or going to see “John Carter.”  Have I mentioned that I really, really want to see “John Carter?”

One thought on “To-Do List”

  1. (Wanted to post this comment on LJ but alas and alack … the security filters at work prevented it)

    I saw it … liked it … and agree (with other LJ poster) it almost makes it … But! It’s not exactly A Princess of Mars retitled …

    It actually takes elements from the first three novels in the JCM series and creates a new story using the characters and situations, while leaving out a LOT of the cultural details and ALL of the chauvanistic (sp?) stereotypes … This Dejah Thoris doesn’t really need to be rescued.

    It’s reminicent of what John Scalzi did with “Fuzzy Nation” last year …

    IMHO … they did the details amazingly well especially Woola and the Brasoomian fliers … it’s probably not what you expect but it’s pretty good despite that.

    There is plenty of blood and gore … so nobody should be disapointed on that score (It got the PG13 rating by making the blood BLUE. 😉

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