Come what may, gonna dance the day away

Apologies…today became disorderly, and I did not get back to the discussion of harvesting Weird Words.  I thought I might make it back this evening, but some paperwork has landed, and it needs to be dealt with, um, now; and I still need to sort out our readings and anchor lines for the talk at Rockland Library tomorrow evening, so!  Discussion resumes Friday.

I am bummed — rather ridiculously so — to find that I have missed seeing “John Carter” on the big screen. *saves it on Netflix*

Socks continues to accommodate the household.  He has a quiet and unassuming disposition, and what’s looking like a whim of steel.  Mozart objects to his presence, periodically, by growling, and occasionally bopping him on the head.  This morning, in fact, Mozart was on the co-pilot’s chair, and Socks entered the room, strolling up to the chair to see what was doin’.  Mo growled and bopped.  Socks retreated exactly two cat steps, sat down on the rug facing Mozart, closed his eyes, and continued to sit there — just drowsing, you know, and Completely Unconcerned™ —  until it was time for us all to troop down the hall in search of caffeine and multigrain bagels.

Overall, the occasions of bopping and hissing are very low.  I’m thinking that the half-house refurb  in November gave Scrabble and Mozart a new benchmark:  “How bad is it?”  “Well, they haven’t torn up the floor yet.”

I have, for those who may be interested. uploaded eBook editions of  my mysteries, Barnburner and Gunshy to the Kindle Store and the Nook Store (the Smashwords editions are going to be a loooong time coming, I fear).  As of this writing, both books are available in the Kindle Store; they’re still “processing” at BN.

And now?  Paperwork calls.


3 thoughts on “Come what may, gonna dance the day away”

  1. Are those editions of _Barnburner_ and _Gunshy_ on the Nook Store DRM-free? I use a Sony reader and if they have DRM they are not of use to me though both Nook and Sony are epub.


  2. Hi Sharon,

    It was wonderful having you and Steve at the Rockland Public Library last night; it’s a shame more did not show up, but those of us in the audience thoroughly enjoyed you both. Thanks for coming!

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