The Eternal To-Do List

1. Send “short” bios to anthology editor, as soon as clarity is achieved on what “short” means in this case.
2. Turn in novel proposals (3) to Madame the Editor — April 23
3. Close SRM books for FY 2011 and Forever (due at accountant April 25)
4. Clean office, includes moving 2011 files to basement and opening 2012 files
5. ConQuesT — May 25-27
6. Word lists first two books — June 10 (approx)
7. Interview at WERU Writers Forum with Joan Clemens & Ellie O’Leary, June 14, 10 a.m.
8. Turn in short story to Baen — July 1
9. Turn in Trade Secret — July 15
10. Compile short stories into collections, and write forwards for each volume — due May 15, and August 15, 2013, but sooner is prolly better, just to get them off the desk.
11. Prep and write Carousel Tides sequels due early and mid 2013
12. Figure out the Liaden audible lexicon
13. Feasibility study: remodel bathroom
14. Pie in the Sky: Vacation — Septemberish

No sooner on the list, than off again: Read galleys for “Skyblaze” to appear in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination; email correx to editor

Things to be done in-between the things to be done:
1. Autograph 1,000 pages
2. Proofread galleys: Ghost Ship and Dragon Ship
3. Write new stories for Splinter Universe

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