And we’ll have fun, fun, fun, ’til her daddy takes the Tbird away…

When last we saw our plucky heroine, she had sworn a return to the discussion of compiling a Weird Word List, RSN.

Since swearing that awful vow, she has, with her husband-coauthor gone to the Rockland Public Library, where they talked about subjects Divers and Various to a small, but appreciative audience.

She then returned home and commenced in with her bit of Dragon Ship revisions.  This entailed a good deal of picking out of stitches, setting new stitches, bringing Stuff up, deleting other stuff, rewriting a couple scenes from a different POV  — in general, all possible, needful work, but fiddly and time-consuming.

The revisions were emailed back to Madame the Editor early this afternoon, just in time for the galleys for a short story which is part of an upcoming anthology to arrive, the editor citing a short turnaround.  Steve’s reading those now; I’ll make my pass tomorrow morning, over — all together now! — coffee!  Sadly, but in all likelihood, my third or fourth cup of coffee.

Steve and I are determined to watch a movie tonight; we have Hugo in from Netflix.  Tomorrow, after my pass over the story, I must and shall begin the end of year/end of game bookkeeping for SRM Publisher.

I will also, honest, contrive to get back to the word list, ’cause that deadline’s not getting any longer.  Funny how they never do.

Also on the table for blog discussion is a request to describe how I learned to write in a particular voice, and! another post about Voice, and how Science Fiction isn’t only Stories of the Far Future, and why extrapolating from our own world into the future is a mug’s game, anyway.

So!  Lots to look forward to, but right now?

I am going to watch that movie.


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