On the trail of the Mighty Coon Cat

Quick catch-up post, here.

When last we saw our intrepid protagonists, they had just turned the sixteenth novel in the Liaden Universe®, their nineteenth collaborative novel, and her twenty-second (or her twelfth-and-a-half) to Madame the Editor at Baen.

This would have been 10 p.m.-ish on Friday, March 30.

Saturday morning we slept in, then headed south in a leisurely frame of mind.  We stopped in South Portland for a couple hours so Steve could research guitars at The Guitar Center, then continued on to beautiful Wallingford, Connecticut, where we checked into our reserved room, and went in search of dinner.

Now, a couple of neat things.  First, as we were leaving the hotel, we noticed in the parking lot an SUV with Maine tags MUSIKL.  This?  Is a truck that we often see in and around the big city of Waterville, and it was nice to know that we were in the company of a neighbor, sorta.

Next, we headed to town center, in search of dinner.  Our first choice, from the list provided by the hotel, had a line.  A Really. Long. Line.  We moved on, turning down in quick succession Sonic, Applegeeks, Chilis — and Steve said, “Here.  Neptune Diner. Baking done on premises.”

And I geeked out, because we were in Wallingford to pick up Socks, a Maine Coon Cat, from Blueblaze Cattery.  And the last time we picked up a Maine Coon Cat,  in Oneonta, New York, we met Elektra, from Blueblaze Cattery, at?

The Neptune Diner.

We asked the owner if his establishment was connected to the other one, he said no, but was amused by the story.  As I am, and Steve is, because?  We’re easily amused.

Dinner was, by the way, very good.  I can speak in for the mousaka, and Steve was very favorably impressed by the roast turkey with dressing and gravy.  Neither one of us had room for dessert.

This morning, we met Mike from Blueblaze at the hotel, took on Socks and headed north to the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

…and so we’re home, and about to have dinner, and a glass of wine.  Tomorrow, we have errands, and need to catch up on various things we let slide while the book was being finished.

We’ll post pictures of Socks as time permits.  In the meantime, I can assure his fans that he’s been doing a thorough exploration of the house, has located the cat boxes, been bopped on the head by Scrabble and cursed at by Mozart, so things are, yanno, proceeding with all due propriety.

I hope y’all had as pleasant a weekend as we did.



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