Please note:  By reason of the previous posting, combined with  Number 1, below, I will not be able to re-open the discussion of the word lists until Monday.  Which I will do.  Thanks to everyone who has participated thus far, and. . .



To-Do List

1.   Go to Meriden for Socks — April 1
2.  Talk at Rockland, Maine Public Library — April 5 (6:30 p.m.)
3Dragon Ship revisions due at Baen — April 15
4.  Turn in novel proposals (3) to Madame the Editor — April 23
5.  ConQuesT — May 25-27
6.  Interview at WERU Writers Forum with Joan Clemens & Ellie O’Leary, June 14, 10 a.m.
7.  Turn in short story to Baen — July 1
8.  Turn in Trade Secret — July 15
9.  Figure out the Liaden audible lexicon
10Feasibility study:  remodel bathroom
11. Pie in the Sky: Vacation — Septemberish

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