Splinter Universe News, the Impermanence of Memory, Describing Circles, and the Pirate Kings of France

So, let’s see.

We’ve decided to try something new at Splinter Universe — guest stories! The first of these goes up tomorrow — “Somewhere, a Sea,” by Bud Sparhawk.

For those interested in memory, its function, and the permanence of our recollections, here’s an interesting — and frightening — article. Many thanks to Friend of Liad Mickie for bringing it to my attention.

I have completely shut down my “account” at Google Circles, or Plus, or whatevertheheck it’s called. It appears that whenever someone mentions me in a conversation, I’m immediately made aware of, and have access to, the entire conversation, which is an. . .intimacy that I do not desire. Since I never actually “got” Google Whateveritis anyhow, this is no hardship for me. For those who have encircled or plussed me — I apologize in advance for any difficulty this action of mine may have caused you.

The French Government has decided to digitize all works of the 20th century that are no longer in print. If you, the author (or illustrator, or publisher) object to this high-handed snatching of your property, you have six months to protest and show good cause why the Government shouldn’t just take what it wants, or your work is forever in the database and available for free. Read all about it here

Today here in East Winslow, it is sunny and bright. This is the lull before the snowstorm, due to strike somewhen on the overnight, and continue into tomorrow which is, coincidentally, Mozart’s birthday, who approves of the whole March Lion thing, as long as he, personally, doesn’t have to roar.

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