In which Rolanni is exhausted

It has been a singularly exhausting day. Shopping has been done, mail has been collected, the doctor and the pharmacy have been visited. Steve and I did stop at the new! relocated! Cacciatore’s to have befores and a glass of wine, which was a pleasant interlude.

Part of what made the day so particularly exhausting is that a doctor’s office keeps calling my cellphone, leaving messages for people who aren’t me. I dealt with them about a billing inquiry that wasn’t for me the week before last. Today, it was a woman identifying herself as “Margaret” of the Dartmouth-Maine Medical Group who was calling “Jill” to schedule an appointment. I tried to call “Margaret” back to inform her of her error — twice. The first time I was on hold for twenty minutes without anyone ever picking up the phone; the second time for fifteen minutes. I finally called the oversight office of the hospital the practice is affiliated with, where, no I didn’t get a live human being, but I did at least get voice mail.

I do hope someone finds Jill’s actual phone number and gets her appointment straightened around.


In other, less exhausting news, Steve has placed a brand new hardcover edition of Partners in Necessity on eBay. There aren’t many of these left. Up until two days ago, I’d’ve said there weren’t any of these left, but there you are. If you’ll remember, our first three books — Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, and Carpe Diem — were all paperback originals, so the only way you can get them in hardback (should you be a fan of hardcover novels) is in this omnibus edition. Anyhow, if you’re interested, take a look: here’s the link. The auction goes over on March 5.

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