One of these days, these boots’re gonna. . .yeah, right

So!  yesterday’s trip into town included a stop at my doctors for an ankle inspection (put up from Thursday by reason of the predicted Big Freakin’ Snowstorm which is now arrived outside my window).  I am now the proud owner of an Aircast short walking boot.  My stars, what a difference!  This is going to make moving through the train stations, not to mention getting on and off the train, much less scary.  Plus?  Support!  I can, as they say — walk!  Wow.  The therapist at Surgi-Care, where the boot was obtained, kind of blinked at the poor little bladder cast, and said, “Usually they give you this –” lifting the boot out of its bag — “first, then they give you that.”

Thank you, thank you, [info]6_penny and [info]mothadventures for mentioning this wonderful aid to mobility!

Still trying to work out if I should call for the wheelchair-or-scooter at the con.  I hate to put the concom to extra expense.  On the other hand, I don’t want to overdo and lengthen the six-to-eight week healing window.  Yeah, so not used to thinking about this stuff.

In other news, Dragon Ship stands at 99,801 finished words, with one-and-a-half scenes left to go.  Still on track for handing that in on Monday.

For those in need of eye candy, the finished cover art for Dragon Ship may be viewed here.  Prints are available directly from Mr. Mattingly; contact info on the website.  Warning!  The cover may contain spoilers.

Also, for those who missed it on the first pass — Steve and Sharon talk about the writing life, the Liaden Universe®, and Everything on What Are You Reading?  Feel free to repost.

And?  It’s snowing, did I say?  The weatherbeans calling for a nice, wide margin of four-to-ten inches, topped off with a delicate layer of sleet or freezing rain.  Need to call the plow-guy and ask if he’ll take care of the steps for this one, since neither one of us is in shape to shovel.  The Leewit?  Is charging.

One thought on “One of these days, these boots’re gonna. . .yeah, right”

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I usually don’t post much but saw your commment on whether or not to request a wheelchair/scooter for the concom. As I work at a performing arts venue here in Salt Lake, I can tell you that from the venue side of things that the sooner the request for an accomodation comes in, the easier it is to arrange. Most public spaces do have a wheelchair for emergency use on hand. Best wishes for your trip. 🙂

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