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Remodeling Report

The painters have finished their part of the puzzle, and have departed, cash in hand.

The deck arrived in safe mode last night — decking, stairs (with bannisters!), and a rudimentary rail.  Today, the guys are working on putting in the balusters, setting up the supports for the roof, and fixing the. . .untidiness that came from ripping the old deck out of the vinyl siding.  There was a brief, bright rumor suggesting that the roof would also be done this weekend, but…alas.

Tomorrow morning, Steve and I will go see the floor guy.  Might be we can get the new floors in next week or the week after.  Still looking at Thanksgiving for the Makeover to be complete.

This part of the makeover to be complete.

Rolanni Does Exercise

As reported elsewhere, I survived my first visit to the gym.  In about an hour, I walked two miles, and did what are probably pretty minor exercise sets on various bits of equipment with names like Ab Builder, Chest Press, Lateral Pull Down, Leg Press, and my hands-down favorite, the V-Crunch.

While I’m pretty sure that I’m going to regret all this virtue tomorrow, I hope to have forgotten the aftermath by Monday, so that I can go in for Session Two.

State of the Cats

Mozart is in his hammock in the living room, Ignoring the deck crew.  Scrabble is in the rocker in my room, ditto.

Potential Tragedies

It would appear that, in all the excitement, I have misplaced the Calendar that Rules.  This is potentially very tragic, indeed, but I can’t seem to work up a screaming fit of panic about it.  Somebody take care of that for me, ‘k?

Discovered Awesomenesses

A postcard addressed to Steve Miller of the Owings Mills Millers, date-stamped Portland ORE 3 Apr 1988:  Dear Steve & Sharon — Bravo! Bravi! I look forward to Reading You!!  Cheers from Ursula — which had fallen behind a bookshelf, and was rescued by the Magic of Remodeling.

Deliveries Delivered

Steve’s canvas shirt from Cabela’s and my awesome Clearance Sale denim-lined-with-fleece shirt (honest to Ghu, $20?  I shoulda bought two.) have arrived and have been found Satisfactory.

DVDs:  The Last Starfighter (25th Anniversary Edition!) , Short Circuit (because, yanno, Number Five is alive!)

Deliveries Outstanding

“Off the Grid,” Abney Park’s newest CD.

Tasks in Process

The laundry has grown teeth and a tail.  Steve waded in and began with the slaying this morning.    He also made us a tasty spaghetti dinner.  Mmmmm, spaghetti.

Lee and Miller Upcoming Appearances

We’ll be giving a talk at Bowdoin College on Thursday, November 17, and! (because we’re insane) we agreed to participate in a Maine Writers Group Booksigning at Longfellow Bookstore in the Old Port on November 25, aka Black Friday.

Writers Doing Crazy Things

What’re y’all looking at me for?

With 9 days to go! C.E. Murphy’s Kickstarter Campaign to fund the writing of the Walker Papers novella “No Dominion,” has $11,799 in pledges.  Not too bad for an original $4,000 goal, eh?  But wait!  She’s just $201 shy of a bonus level that would put a limited, signed trade paper edition of “No Dominion” plus the bonus companion stories triggered by previous bonus levels.  Go over and take a look, why not?

As many of you know, the third book in Laura Anne Gilman’s Vineart War series came out just last month.  (If you haven’t read these, you really should — Flesh and Fire, Weight of Stone, The Shattered Vine.)  However, Laura Anne found, as authors often do, that there are more stories in the universe than there was room for, in the novels.  And there’s one very compelling, very important, story that she’d really like to tell you.  “From Whence You Came” is the name of the proposed novella.  If you want to know more, you want to go here.

Musicians Doing Ditto

Frenchy and the Punk’s BIG Music Project, to produce two CDs of their work, surpassed the $4,590 goal.  But!  They only asked for half the cost of producing the CDs.  The whole cost would be $9,180, and they’re a slim $450 from funding the whole project.  Their campaign goes over on Monday, November 7, so you need to act quick if you want to be a patron of this fine duo.

Writing in Process

Dragon Ship, sequel to Ghost Ship
Necessity’s Child, sequel to nothing, a Tree-and-Surebleak story
“The Space at Tinsori Light,” short story destined for Splinter Universe

Writing Waiting in the Wings

Trade Secret, sequel to Balance of Trade
An as-yet-untitled-short-story for the Baen website in July

What was on that 3.5 inch disk, anyway?

The Mystery Disk described earlier this week proves to contain what is probably a Very Early Draft of Carpe Diem.  There are chapters that never got used, and some chapters which didn’t get used in Carpe Diem, but did, in Plan B.

. . .I think that’s caught everybody up.

What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

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