I wanna walk, but I run back to you

Out into the world not as early as planned, and first to the Waterville Humane Society to drop off the many extra cans of wet cat food.  Late start that we got, we were still too early for the cats to be at home to visitors, which was probably just as well.

From the cats to the floor guy, where we talked about rugs and vinyl flooring some more, looked at samples, and made choices.  The theory is that a crew will be out on the 14th to commence ripping things up and laying things down. This timing depending on whether Dead River can be brought out to disconnect the stove from the propane tank before deconstruction starts.  I also need to call the painter and see if she can give me some of the stain she used on the baseboards, because (surprise!) the floor guys have to take up the baseboards.

Who knew?

I really think that these projects would be a lot harder on us if (1) we had actually stopped to think about what they would mean in terms of Household Disruption and, (2) if we had One True Vision to which the finished products Must adhere, or All Will Be Ashes.  My bottom line is that it look nice, and — especially in the case of the deck — is non-lethal.  Beyond that — and the fact that I’d really prefer not to have a rug colored eggplant, and I’m so sick of orange shag I’m ready to tear out the existing carpet with my bare hands — I suspect I don’t really care as much about the details as I ought.

After we finished setting up things with the floor guy, we came home, stopping at Mum Mum Asian Sandwich Shop to pick up lunch (fried dumplings and a spicy chicken wrap) and bring it home.  Mmmmm.

As you might imagine, we were quite worn out by our labors, not to mention lunch, so we had a nap, and, upon rising, went to work.

Having now finished today’s work, I’m outta here.

Hope everyone had a pleasant Saturday.

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For good or for ill, friend or foe, Tinsori Light was towing them in.

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