They let us live in the front of the house; they let us live in the back

Hokay, so!

Story and Writing Stuff:
“The Space at Tinsori Light” is up at Splinter Universe, for your reading and donating pleasure. But that’s not all! Also posted? Is the outline. Go! Read! ROFLYAO!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that “Tinsori Light” will be the last story we post at Splinter Universe in 2011.

Why? you ask.

Well, because the front half of Dragon Ship has landed on my desk, so that I can do that thing that I do, while Steve motors on with the back half.

In addition to getting Dragon Ship outta Dodge, Necessity’s Child (formerly known as George) has itself a looming deadline, which will need to be dealt with Pretty Dern Soon.

So, we’re going to be focusing on novels and deadlines and Things Like That for the next, oh, couple, three months. Word counts aren’t going to make much sense at this stage in Dragon Ship’s life because I’m going to be doing line-by-line stuff, and shifting stuff around, as and if needed, all of which is of course fascinating, but not exactly a spectator sport.

House stuff:
The guy from Dead River will be here to disconnect the stove from the propane Monday at some hour of the morning that I absolutely refuse to believe in. Hot on his heels will come the floor guys, who will take two days to rip up the existing floor coverings in the kitchen, living room and the hall, and put down new.

To the best of my knowledge and belief, the floor guys are the penultimate home improvement folk of 2011. The deck guy is supposed to come back to put the roof over the deck, and he promises this before the end of November.

That’ll be it for house stuff until next year, when we count our pennies and see if we really can proceed with the remodeling of the bathroom.

Deliveries incoming:

Word has come in that my copy of Off the Grid Abney Park’s newest CD has been packed!

In addition, CDBaby assures me that the Gypsy Nomad’s Thread and Stone is “on its way to you, in our private CD Baby jet on this day, November 10, 2011.” I love CDBaby.

We also have coming to us the 2012 Moonlight calendar. I believe this will be the 27th year in a row that we have purchased a Moonlight calendar. Even in years when we had nothing, we scraped together enough to give this ourselves as a Yule present.

Two pair of earphones are on their way to the Cat Farm, so I can have a pair in my gym bag and one in my travel bag, and so can Steve. We are profligate, yes.

SRM Stuff:
Shipping stock to its new home continues, in and around Everything Else.

Travel, Near and Far:
November 17, we’re going down to Bowdoin College to give a talk.

November 25 (the day after Thanksgiving), we’ll be part of a multi-author signing at the Portland Public Library.

January 20, 2012 we’ll be at Chattacon

And now? I think it’s time for lunch.

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