The day after last night’s cold wind

It wasn’t…quite…snowing yesterday. On the other hand, that sure was some thick rain. And then last night’s wind kicked the bird feeder off the corner of the deck where it had been sitting, while we await the roof and a More Permanent Dining Solution for the winged dinosaurs. Kicked it quite a way, actually. I’m impressed.

Yesterday being Friday and Veterans Day, Steve and I went to the gym together, then headed over to Home Despot (Yes. Yes, we are living in Home Despot lately. Your point?), then to the light house in Waterville, which is not called The Light House, but Ghod, She knows what it is called. We determined there that we have different requirements for a floor lamp and went off to eat lunch and discuss the philosophy of illumination.

After lunch, and deferring the purchase of a lamp for another day, we headed to the shopping center on the other side of town, to pick up a couple things at the grocery store before going home. There, we found that Cacciatore’s Italian Steakhouse (which we knew was moving into what we had hoped was a second location in Fairfield) had Quit its prime shopping center location. And when I say Quit, I mean, they’ve completely pulled out — sign, bar, and mirrors. There’s not even a note on the door directing folks to look for an opening in a new location. I find this. . .troubling, and hope that the new location can be opened quickly, and that they can sustain the loss of business while they get everything set up.

In the meantime, the new-kid-in-town Italian restaurant, down on Waterville Main Street — which I haven’t eaten in yet, because they don’t care to serve when I care to eat — has apparently woken up enough to start offering Monday-Saturday lunch from 11-2.

So, anyhow, groceries on board, we got on the way to the Cat Farm, and suddenly realized that we might look at floor lamps at Fortin’s Furniture, which was right on the road home.

We did this thing, finding that, despite our luncheon discussion, we were still divided by a fundamental belief of what a floor lamp is, and were on the edge of leaving the place, when I saw — a floor lamp.

THE floor lamp.

A tall, curved shine of bright nickle with a single brilliant bowl dangling from it, like a hake from a hook. I went over to look, enchanted, Steve, following, and I daresay not nearly so enchanted.

My goodness, what a wonderful lamp.

But, wait; there’s more!

The little sample room in which this perfect paragon of a lamp was a player, consisted of a sable brown loveseat with an attached chaise, and oodles of brown, orange and yellow pillows. Of course I fell in love immediately, and wished to tell the hovering salesperson to pack the entire room up so we could take it home, but cooler heads prevailed.


I suppose it’s for the best. It would only come down to my having to arm-wrestle the cats daily for the use of the chaise…

On the writing front — I have, as advertised, received the first half of Dragon Ship from the lovely and talented Mr. Miller and have commenced in with Doing My Thing. I may be scarce in these parts for the next while, because of this circumstance. Do make yourselves at home, and remember that the cats outvote you.

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…and now?

Time to get to work.

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