Then breathe your story lines

Thanks to everyone who spoke to the question of the ancient disk.   A Plan has been put in motion.

Today?  Was errands in town.  We finally got the gym memberships squared away — our fault, not the gym’s — and I hope to start in with the exercising on Friday.

Why Friday?  you ask.  Why not, oh, tomorrow?

Because tomorrow, at the theoretical hour of 8:30 AM, the painters will arrive.  The guy who’s doing the deck also spoke fondly of a Wednesday start-up, but he won’t be by until noon.

I’m pleased to announce that the entire moveable contents of the kitchen and the living room (the Front of the House) have been relocated to my office, Steve’s office and the bedroom (the Back of the House). The painters will need to move the heavy furniture, which I can’t shift, and which wouldn’t fit down the hallway anyway, into the middle of the rooms and throw a tarp over the whole bidness, but the boss-lady assures me this will be no problem.

Tomorrow, I will be locked in my office, avoiding painters, music on to drown out the merry sound of the chainsaw chewing through the existing deck.  My hope is that I will have a working draft of “Tinsori Light” by the time the painters pack up and leave us, on Thursday.

Wish me luck.

In other news, have you perhaps seen Lemony Snicket’s 13 Observations on Occupy Wall Street?  If not, it’s here, and worth a look.  I’m particularly fond of #11.


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