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Ghost Ship news

Ghost Ship, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, published by Baen in August 2011, debuts at the Number 8 spot on the Locus Bestselling Hardcover List for August, which appears in the November issue. Other luminaries include Mr. Butcher, Mr. Martin, Mr. Stross, Mr. Goodkind, Mr. Cline, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Grossman, Mr. Palma, and Ms. Armstrong.

Ms. Donaghy, the Features Editor at Goodreads, kindly lets us know that Ghost Ship is included in the first nominee list for the Goodreads Readers Choice Award, and sends a link to all the nominees.

She also explains the process:
Readers have three chances to vote:
Opening Round: October 31 – November 13, 2011
Voting open to official nominees and write-in votes.
Semifinals: November 14 – November 20, 2011
We add the top 5 write-ins as official nominees. Additional write-ins no longer accepted.
Finals: November 21 – November 30, 2011
The field narrows to the top 10 books in each category.
Learn more:

We analyzed statistics from the 87 million books added, rated, and reviewed on the site in 2011 to list 15 books in 22 categories–that’s 330 nominations. We did not consult a panel of experts or form a secret committee of publishing insiders. Readers know what’s good and what’s great. These nominations are based on a book’s number of ratings and average rating as pegged by the more than 6 million members on Goodreads. So a nomination is truly an honor because it comes from your readers!

Ms. Donaghy asks us to do what we can to get our readers out to vote. So! If you are moved to do so, please vote; a bunch of worthy books have been nominated, so going over to take a look is worthwhile, if only from the point of view of compiling a list of books to read.

Goodreads does, I believe, insist that you register with Goodreads in order to vote.

House news

The painters were here this morning at the crack of dawn. They knocked off about noonish, with promises to return tomorrow at the same unnatural hour. The ceilings have been painted, and the walls in the hallway and the living room; and the trim has been wiped with stain. The whole effect is very nice and clean.

The painters were still at it when the guy who’s replacing the deck appeared with his crew. As of this writing, we have no deck. Hopefully, this condition will rectify itself within the next few days, though we’re told that the roof will take another couple weeks, due to our guy’s having gotten a big remodeling job at one of the restaurant’s in town that has to be done — wait for it — before Thanksgiving.

Just when we thought things were settling down, the guy called about the floor (you remember the guy about the floor), with three estimates: on-the-cheap, mom-would-be-proud, and the-one-percent. We’ll be seeing him on Friday or Saturday, I guess, to fine-tune what we want, and, if all goes well, we’ll have new floors in the front of the house by Thanksgiving, to go with the new paint and the new deck.

Does the woman never work? news

Got some words done on “Tinsori Light” this morning; gonna go get myself some more, as soon as I hit “post.”


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