He was overheard to say he was lookin’ for Bill Gray

Haircut today; no purple stripes. I still have some purple from the last time.

Also had to call the insurance company that covered us when I worked at the day-job, to let them know that the claim they denied from June of 2010(!) was from a doctor I’ve never seen, and they should straighten out their records.

In the course of that conversation, it came out that I was still listed as an active member of the plan, though Steve was not.

Which meant that I had to call HR at the late, unlamented day-job, and tell them that they needed to remove me from the pool.

Honestly, folks, do I gotta do everything myself?

In other news, the editorial pass through Necessity’s Child is done. The crowd roared! And the author muttered under her breath, ’bout dern time.

For those playing along at home, the score is:

63,134/100,000 words OR 63% complete

For bonus points, and my thanks — I heard a Jackson Browne song on the radio today, and it was not a Jackson Browne song that I believe I’ve ever heard before. It’s lyrics have to do with paying a debt from a bad bet, and also being two men inside — one looking for love, which the other wants to hide.

Anybody got a clue? A title? A pointer?

One thought on “He was overheard to say he was lookin’ for Bill Gray”

  1. Honestly, folks, do I gotta do everything myself? — SL


    Or it, at least, sure seems that way these days. My co-worker Laurie wants to know when and how the world was taken over by “bubbleheads”.

    I believe this question arose a while back when a customer demanded why we needed a street address from them to ship his order. [We sell disposable scientific test materials, mostly to private or academic labs, sealing with scientists or their agents.] The question is now a marked refrain: Bubbleheads!!


    PS: The JB song was “Call It a Loan”


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