Gimme that ol’ time punctuation

I write this morning to bring you news of a philanthropic sheep, a sheep of heart, and of means. Looking at him, (which you may do here) you might not think he’s such a much. You’d be wrong.

From the catalog: This cuddly felted wool sheep will warm up your tree and employ women in Kathmandu.

Mind you, I don’t know what the sheep’s business interests are, in Kathmandu, or what the connection between a warm tree and employing women is, precisely. But it seems worthy work. Worthy work, for which the sheep ought rightly to be commended.

Comma wars apart, do take time to look around the SERRV site. The paper catalog, which arrived at the Cat Farm yesterday, has lots of yummy stuff in it.

Yesterday, Steve had a doctor’s appointment. The doctor’s office being affiliated with the hospital that’s staying in town (as distinct from the hospital that’s leaving town), it has acquired — a television set. That’s right, a television set. And there’s no way to get away from the derned thing. I’m completely baffled by the ubiquity of television sets, especially in doctor’s offices, where people are already feeling unwell or anxious*, but the receptionist said that it was now “policy” that the television had to be both present, and on.


Doctor visit done, we to the post office to close SRM’s box and open one for us. There’s a forwarding order on the old box (which is one short hall away from the new box), so anything in the system to SRM or to us at PO Box 707 should arrive just fine. In future, however, our address is:

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
PO Box 1586
Waterville ME 04903

Splinter Universe mail should also go to the new address.

After that important piece of bidness was taken care of, we were off to Home Despot, and to Maroons, and then home, by way of Arby’s for lunch, and Hannaford, for groceries.

This morning, bread is on the rise. I have some business correspondence to deal with and a trip to town to accomplish an errand that inconveniently could not be dealt with yesterday.

The weatherbeans are calling for rain — and rain has answered their call.

*I was once trapped in a hospital waiting room where the television had been tuned to a “nature” channel. Nothing wrong with that, right?


The segment I was treated to involved interviews with people who had witnessed and/or survived attacks by bears.

You try reading your book, while your back is to the television set, from which are clearly audible the sobs of the groom who had witnessed his bride savaged and consumed.

One thought on “Gimme that ol’ time punctuation”

  1. I don’t own a television and the small waiting room at my neurologists – 8’x16′ – sports a 40″ flat screen across from the non-seated wall where the bathroom’s located. It’s always tuned to CNN.

    To avoid the peripheral scene-flicker I must sit under it which means the volume drowns my inner sound track when I’m reading.

    Everyone else stares at it like hungry robin hatchlings in a nest do their feed-proffering parent.

    Perhaps they’re drumming up ADHD for the business, eh?


    I read an interview by Bradbury last year where he stated that Fahrenheit 451 was not written about censorship but about his horror when he discovered on a late night stroll that a woman walking her dog did not note his presence near her because she was engrossed in the transistor radio plugged into her ear. That, in fact, the novel concerned the disengagement of people from those around them in the *now* — or from the interior mindscape created by books — by pregurgitated AV streaming.

    Sorry I couldn’t answer your Jackson Browne question sooner, but I noticed a day or so later that someone responded more promptly on your LJ mirror.


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