Projects in Train, Upcoming Travel

Yes, yes, we did just get back from, Steve tells me, seventeen-and-a-half days on the road.  However! Advertent readers will have noted that, during our time away, I purchased a corset.

There was a reason I did that.

Steve and I, with Phil and Kaja Foglio, Abney Park, and many, many other Very Cool People will be Guests at The Great New England Steampunk Exposition in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  The Exposition begins on Friday, September 16, and runs through Sunday, September 18 — and! I see that the program has been posted.

This promises to be a delightful and awesome experience, so do plan on attending!

Once we return from the Expo, we’ll be sticking very close to home (and writing like mad writing things, ahem) until it’s time to make the trip to Chattanooga, in mid-January.

Writing projects currently in hand:

Dragon Ship — Steve is lead writer on this project, which is the sequel to Ghost Ship

George — Sharon is lead writer on this project, which sorta takes place in a pocket of Ghost Ship. If I do it right, it will be another Portal Book into the Liaden Universe®, joining Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Balance of Trade, Local Custom, Fledgling.  An amusing, if not outright terrifying, note:  We had dinner with Madame the Editor at WorldCon, wherein she inquired after “George.”  The die may be cast.

“Guaranteed Delivery” — For the moment, Sharon is lead writer for the original fiction posted on Splinter Universe.  This will change as various deadlines approach and are surpassed.  This particular story, which I hope to post on September 12, concerns  the Ride the Luck courier service.

“The Space at Tinsori Light” — another story destined for Splinter Universe, featuring a yos’Phelium pilot from the Diaries.  Shooting for mid-October posting, though here we’re getting near the delivery deadline for Dragon Ship, and all things give way before a book deadline.

Trade Secret — the sequel to Balance of Trade.  Steve is lead writer on this project.

You will note that there is no Yule Chapbook in this schedule.  As those who were at WorldCon heard, Steve and I are in the process of closing down SRM Publisher.  We are looking for ways to see paper chapbooks published, perhaps on demand, but we’re still in the exploration stage.  As soon as we know what shape the future will take, we’ll let y’all know.


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