Heard about Houston? Heard about Detroit? Heard about Pittsburgh PA?

More bidness email dealt with. More laundry done. Amtrak convinced of the Rightness of Refunding the cost of two first class tickets from Chicago to Albany. Documentation supporting this assertion mailed, certified, return receipt, at the local post office. Cat belly scrubbled. Grocery shopping accomplished.

Ran into one of my former faculty members at the grocery store: “Sharon?” he said. I blinked up, saw the face, took a minute to place it…”Hi!” “You look,” he said, “great!”

So does living dangerously improve us all.

Time to collect Steve, who has been dealing with bidness of his own, and hit the kitchen for some lunch. At some point realsoonnow, we’ve got to (re)establish a working schedule around this joint.

…that’s all I got. For those who are going to DragonCon — travel safe, and have fun!

Progress on Guaranteed Delivery

236 words/10,000 OR 2.36% complete

Light bloomed inside the treasure room.

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