Don’t try to say you’re sorry; don’t say he drew his gun

So far today, I’ve collated a Really Big List of Words; kept an appointment for an annual examination; dropped the everyday crescent necklace off at Day’s Jewelers to have the magnets re-attached (again! it’s just barely possible that the magnets are too strong for the chain); hit the gym for half-an-hour of gentle exercise and while there made an appointment with a trainer for Friday mid-morning for evaluation and a training routine; posted a splinter that didn’t make it into Ghost Ship, had lunch with Steve, finished the laundry, and now! I’m going to get with George.

My g0odness, you can get a let of useful stuff done when you don’t have a day-job!

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
49,947 of 100,000 OR 49.9% complete

“I hear our brothers at prayer,” Udari said.

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