When last we saw our intrepid to-do list

1. Pick up Hex’s ashes in Lewiston
1a. Prepare Cat Garden to receive same
2. Finish proofing the galleys for Mouse and Dragon
3. Finish critiquing the submissions for our section of the WorldCon Writing Workshop: 1, 2, 3
4. Do prep for the panel I’m moderating
5. Get a haircut
6. Make sure The Leewit has the latest edition of George on her SDcard, and the notes for “Guaranteed Delivery”
7. Write an essay — or is Steve writing the essay? Must check. Edited to add: Essay collaborative. How strange.
8. Complete various travel-related errands at Staples, the bank, Sign of the Sun, Hannaford, CVS and other fine merchants
9. Have and recover from pre-departure panic attack
10. Pack, which includes “do laundry”
10a. Find all pertinent wires
11. Upload “Kin Ties” to Splinter Universe
12. Make sure the vet has cat sitter’s name on file as holding Mozart and Scrabble’s power of attorney while we’re gone
13. Turn over keys, house, and felines to same cat sitter

…well, some progress there, anyway. And if worse comes to, which it so very often does, I can do panel prep on the train.

And now, having used the day in running errands, it’s to the couch — me, a red pen, a yellow pad, a grey coon cat, and a workshop submission.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

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