Various OR Six Things Make a Post

A bunch of un- and half-related stuff to let people know about.

1. Mr. French, a promising young cat-about-house, is, through not fault of his own, in need of a new situation. French (photo below) is about 2 years old, playful, affectionate, likes people of all sizes, is smart, and quite athletic. He talks often, doesn’t meow, but chirps and hums which is rather charming. He is healthy, has claws, and has lived indoors since accepting his current position, at the tender age of about 4 months. He is up to date on all shots and exams. He comes with toys, and excellent references. If you are within a couple hours of Portland, Maine and can offer French the sort of quality establishment he so richly deserves, please write to Kali Lightfoot — lightfoot44ATgmailDOTcom

2.  Fellow Maine author and fantasy writer James A. Hetley has just today made his excellent novelette “Dragon’s Bones” available electronically through Smashwords.  I highly recommend this story, which was published in paper in 2009 by SRM, Publisher.  Also!  Jim has plans to eventually make his backlist Maine fantasy novels into ebooks, so be on the lookout!

3.  I dinked around with the Pinbeam Books front page this morning. You can now subscribe to the RSS feed and it’ll, yanno, actually feed.

4.  For those who missed all the excitement yesterday, “Intelligent Design” is now available to be read for free at the Baen website.  Also new on the site is Tony Daniel’s essay “Gravity’s Punch” and a brand! new! reading group and study guide for Ghost Ship, courtesy of Baen’s own Laura Haywood-Cory.

5.  The eBook edition of Ghost Ship was released yesterday.  Remember, Baen eBooks come in a number of DRM-free fomats, including Nook (ePub) and Kindle (mobi), so you can read them on the device(s) of your choice!

6.  Since we have a new wave of Ghost Ship Early Adopters — those who have or will soon purchase that eBook noted in #5, above — please refer to this blog entry.  All help greatly appreciated.

Progress on “Kin Ties”
8846 words out of 10,000(?)

8 thoughts on “Various OR Six Things Make a Post”

  1. When I try to access Eagles I get soemthing that says Welcome to Liad and then a message, presumably from WordPress “This is embarassing…” Is there a problem with the original blog site?

  2. More information. I Googled Eagles over the Kennebec and got to the site that way but my bookmark, which has worked for a long time, now just takes me to the Welcome to Liad announcement.

  3. From whence are you trying to access Eagles? Very important information. From the link on the sidebar of this page? From the content of If I don’t know the location of the broken link, I can’t fix it.

    As far as I know (and I just hit it from the link on the Welcome to Liad page), Eagles is right where it’s always been.


  4. Well…long-time bookmarks, especially if they pointed to someplace through another place, may no longer work. We just took 16 years’ worth of. . .*stuff* off of the web.

    Apologies for the difficulties. Necessary work behind the nose. You may want to go to Welcome to Liad, and read the explanation of events there.

  5. It’s been so long since I made the bookmark I don’t know how I set it up originally and as I said, I got back to Eagles by going to Google and using the link there, and bookmarking it again. The original bookmark worked this morning as usual since I check it as part of my morning routine while I’m on my first cup of coffee. I’ll go see if I can figure out what that address is but technologically deficient here so it may become one of those incomprehensible things my computer does to me as it laughs at me behind its screen.

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