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  1. Sharon: have I permission to save Intelligent Design to my Kindle? or will it be offered for pay through Amazon and/or Pinbeam at some point in the future?

  2. Once something is posted “in the open” like this, it’s pretty much up for grabs, becca. That being said, there’s nothing to prevent the authors from later offering it through Pinbeam or some other venue as a paid item, perhaps with additional content or some other change, depending on exactly what their agreement with Baen is. My position is that I’ll move it to my Kindle cause it’s easier to read there. And then if it is ever offered for sale, I’ll buy it. Meanwhile, I’m reading Ghost Ship which I download this morning!

  3. While deploring Charlie’s use of the phrase “up for grabs,” Baen *is* making “Intelligent Design” available for people to read for free*; I don’t see any difference, myself, between reading it on your computer screen or your ereader.

    As I think Martin explained over on the Friends of Liad list, the eventual fate of all the stories and essays that are featured on the Baen front page is a place in a Baen Free Library anthology, which is recompiled every time a story is “retired” from the front page. Eventually, I expect “Intelligent Design” will make its way into a chapbook, but certainly not until Baen’s period of exclusive publication runs out.

    *Please note that the authors’ copyright is still in force.

  4. How does one download the Baen short story to one’s Kindle before it goes into the free library? I am a novice Kindle owner so simple instructions would be appreciated. I much prefer to read off the Kindle rather than on my PC but even more so prefer hard copy so would of course buy a dead tree version if it ever became available.

    Anne In Virginia

  5. Anne in Virginia: I copied the text to a MS Word document, saved as HTML, brought it into Calibre and then converted it to Mobi. In the conversion, which is pretty rough-and-ready, I lost the italics on some paragraphs. There’s a better Mobi convertor that I might try.

    If you don’t use Calibre, you can email it to your Kindle email address (kindklename@free.kindle.com, I think) this puts it on your Kindle and into your Kindle library.

    but I prefer to use Calibre.

  6. becca, thanks for the info. I am pretty much technologically illiterate and still have trouble loading stuff from the Baen e-book to my Kindle sometimes. I had hoped there was a button I could magically push which would do it for me. I think what I will do is just print out a hard copy of the short story…that is within my capabilities (barely) and that at least will be more comfortable to re-read (of course I read it for the first time on the computer as soon as Baen put it up) more slowly the second time for content and nuance. Thanks again. Maybe this will inspire me to get my grandson to walk me through learning to do something more complex than using email.

  7. Anne in Virginia: I really highly recommend Calibre, particularly for non-Amazon books. You add a book to your library with a mouse click; you send that book to your device with another mouse click — it’s really very easy.

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