Motherless children have a hard time, when their mother is gone

Today being Friday, there was no school. Steve and I rose in our own good time, had breakfast, made phone calls and eventually meandered out in the direction of the Big City of Augusta, with the intention of petitioning the Ghods of Tripilay to provide auspicious signs, portents, and of course numbers, for our upcoming trip to Reno and Minneapolis.

Off we went, cross-country, arriving to find that the Ghods had relocated to another place. This stratagem proved vain, and we found them despite it.

We had discovered for ourselves that scheduling the train trip to and from Reno was relatively simple; it was the addition of Minneapolis to the itinerary that provoked the devilish details. One is told that it is often thus, with Minneapolis.

In any case, and some while later, we came away from Tripleay, having had our courses truly plotted and our credit card read. Poor credit card.

May I just say? I believe that I’ll be well and truly sick to death of Chicago Union Station by the time this trip is done.

Also? I think I need more ebooks.

We came home through a patchwork of sunlight and downpour, had lunch and got down to work, which in my case was linking up all the free chapters of Lee and Miller material available from Baen to the Pinbeam Books site, and balancing the checkbook.

Tomorrow, I need to do something about all this unfinished fiction lying about the place, and to register the domain for the upcoming short story site. Finding an acceptable domain name was harder than you might imagine. It was, at least, harder that I imagined. In any case, that step is at last done, and now all I need to do is build the website. And write some stories.

Piece o’cake.

I hope everyone who celebrates July Fourth as a holiday has a lovely one. Me, I hope that the town has failed of hiring stunt jets to overfly the parade this year. I could do without the adrenaline surge.

. . .only eight more days of school.

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