Five things make a post, July 3rd edition

1. Looked outside to see what the heck the birds were all in a tizzy about. Saw what looked to be a panda-face in the tree directly outside of my window. Called Steve, by which point the panda had morphed into Quiet — or Louder — one of the next-door-neighbor’s two identical grey Maine Coons, going birding. Steve and I mocked him through the screen, and he climbed back down, to play kitty-hides-in-the-grass at the base. We mocked him some more, and he left, doubtless to find a less-public tree.

2. Somebody took our mailbox off its post. So not funny. At least it’s in one piece, though Steve had to screw it back on to the pole.

3. Designed and ordered Moocards for WorldCon and beyond! Man, we do a lot of stuff.

4. Took an after-breakfast walk this morning — our new habit. It was only 72F/22C, but the 95% humidity made it feel like a morning at the ocean.

5. Registered the short story domain name and started building a site. Again forgot how to manage the damned menus in WordPress, so things will progress when I remember.

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