The writer, goofing off

So, the day-job staff development day was fun; my two workshops were thought-provoking in different ways, lunch was eggplant lasagna, which was very tasty, though I am sorry to report that the 7 strangers with whom I was supposed to dine were in actuality 7 folks from different departments than mine, all of whom I knew at least slightly. I ditched the ice cream social on the lawn at the end of it all because it was Just. Too. Damn. Hot*. to be standing out on a lawn, ice cream or no ice cream.

Stopped at the grocery on the way home to take on milk-like objects. Arrived at home, I paid bills, including the quarterly taxes — early, so I am not only industrious, I am Virtuous.

And! Not only am I Virtuous, but I am tired. So, no writing tonight, and no uploading of eBooks or anything else of Actual Use. Instead, I’m rustling up some lunch, reading a chapter of Bren with my husband, and hoping the evening cools off enough to be sleepable. Tomorrow — my last full-time day of not-summer — is supposed to be a beast — horrible hot**, and threatening thunderstorms, hail, and all kinds of bad behavior.

We’ll see, I guess.

How’s the weather where you are?

That’s right, laugh. These are Maine values of Too. Damn. Hot. people. Check back with me in January.

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