always its spring, and everyone’s in love, and flowers pick themselves

Uploaded Changeling to Smashwords and linked it up good and proper over at Pinbeam Books. I know it’s Not the Done Thing for writers to say good stuff about old work, but I do like Changeling. A fine story.  I’m glad we wrote it.

Let’s see, what else? Steve and I have come up with a list of thirteen stories to tell live! on the web! Contrary to our Initial Vision, not all of those listed are Ride the Luck and/or Aelliana-and-Daav stories. There’s a reason for this, and the reason is:

Baen contractually has first dibs on the next Liaden novel. We will therefore not even tempt our backbrains with the cookie of “linked stories” because you can see exactly where that would go, can’t you?  Don’t despair though — there is one Ride the Luck story in the mix, and I’m sure there will be more, assuming we’re all sufficiently amused to keep at this awhile.

What else on the day? A warm one, bright and sunny. Changes coming at the day-job. Exciting changes. No, I’m serious. But, before the exciting changes, the staff picnic development day, on Wednesday. I signed up for a couple of interesting lectures, and Lunch With Seven Strangers, with sounds rather like a play in the style of Murder by Death.

I should upload another ebook to Smashwords tonight, but, yanno? I’m going to go read for an hour, and rest my hands.

Hope everyone had a splendid Monday!

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