I think that I will never see…

So! Endeavors of Will and TimeRags II have been uploaded to the Smashfolk.  The score at halftime there being:  8 books in the premium catalog; 17 awaiting Judgement.  In the meantime, the only — did I say ONLY? — book yet to be uploaded is. . .The Tomorrow Log.  Which is going to have to wait a couple days.

The day-job was somewhat horrid today; tomorrow, I have an “exit interview,” whatever that is. One would suppose an exit interview would happen. . .closer to the actual exit, but — apparently not.

In the meantime, and looking ahead, Steve has located my vehicle for me.  On sale, too!

And with that, I’m outta here.  Remember!  This weekend!  in Portland, Maine!  PortConMaine!  Be there, or be Totally UnCool.


2 thoughts on “I think that I will never see…”

  1. Your exit interview might just be a walk through with the 401k and health care stuff being turned over or ending. Don’t stress about it. They might ask your opinions on things and give you an opportunity to throw people under the bus, but I find the high road is a much easier one to live on. Unless you really do have something to say just be cheerful and be ready to sign some termination papers for whatever employee stuff will be ending. I’ll be doing this in the near future myself. I’ve got plenty I could tell them, but I really just want a nice, drama free exit so I am going to keep it to myself.

  2. Just bought, read and truly enjoyed Tomorrow Log and was sad to hear the sequel has yet to make it into print. Is there any chance you could post about its likely future?

    Loved all your books so far


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