I don’t wanna cause no fuss, but can I buy your Magic Bus?

So, today, I broke down and got a haircut. I told Ashley, the long-suffering and cheerful stylist who drew the short straw, that I was going to an anime convention. Reasonably enough, she gave me an anime haircut. Steve professes it very classy. I think it needs a couple of purple stripes.

Shorn, I descended upon the Hannaford to take on supplies and came home in an unexpectedly hot and bright solstice afternoon.

Today, I have upload to Smashwords Calamity’s Child, Quiet Magic, and The Naming of Kinzel.  Books awaiting transmogrification are:  The Tomorrow Log, Endeavors of Will, and TimeRags II.

Once again, these books do take a while to go through the Smashwords’ Premium Catalog process.  Eventually — note this very important word — Eventually, I say, all Miller-and-Lee chapbooks, plus The Tomorrow Log will be available in the Apple Store, in the Sony Store, in the Kobo Store, and in places like Scrollmotion and Diesel.

Jeff VanderMeer of Underland Press is building a book to be entitled If You Lived Here and is soliciting nominations of readers’ most beloved Science Fiction and Fantasy universe.  (Why, yes, the Liaden Universe® is eligible for nomination.)  You may nominate up to three worlds, science fiction and/or fantasy.  Be warned!  This is an essay test — you have to explain why you love and would want to live in each world that you nominate.

Fans of Mozart take note:  He’s a little under the weather today; we administered pain meds and he perked up enough to have something to eat — wet food this time, thank ghod.  He’d thank all of you for your concern and good wishes, if he wasn’t, yanno, a cat, so I thank you in his stead.

And now, having done work, and achieved anime hair, I’m outta here, for tomorrow?  Is Wednesday and I must go to school.


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