Hey, you kids! Get offa my lawn!

So, I’m getting the last chapbook — Endeavors of Will, by Sharon Lee, as the luck decreed — ready to be elektrified, and in doing so, I’m typing in the story history for the copyright page.

Stolen Laughter first published in Dragonfields, Winter 1983
The Winter Consort first published in SPAWAO Showcase, August 1982
Stormshelter first published in Worlds Lost, Times Forgotten, March 1981
The Pretender first published in Owlflight, January 1981
The Silver Pathway first published in Owlflight, July 1981
The Girl, The Cat, and Deviant first published in Star Triad, February 1981
A Matter of Ceremony first published in Amazing Stories, May 1980
The Handsome Prince first published in Fantasy Book, May 1982
Cards first published in Amazing Science Fiction Stories, September 1981

These stories aren’t just old enough to vote; they probably own their own homes.

Age aside, I do think that my very favorite magazine title ever is Worlds Lost, Time Forgotten.

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